It's pretty perfect for the holiday season, too.

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Kate Hudson
Credit: Getty Images

For us, an important part of the holiday season is finding the perfect outfit for each and every celebration. We've asked celebrities for ideas, found inspiration from street style, and are even down to dress like characters from our favorite festive films — which may or may not be what Kate Hudson did while vacationing Aspen, Colorado.

The star was spotted out and about on Sunday wearing a fabulous faux fur coat from New York & Company ($298), which is actually part of its Happy X Nature collaboration. Hudson paired the light colored piece with loose plaid pants and black snowboots, creating a seasonal look that reminded us of something Carrie Bradshaw wore in the first Sex and the City movie.

Kate Hudson Faux Fur

If you've seen the movie, you likely know which look we're talking about. Carrie wears it on New Year's Eve when she heads out into the snow to apologize to Miranda. Hudson definitely had on all the right pieces: similar outerwear, pajama pants, etc. All she was missing was Carrie's sequined hat, which she replaced with a black pair of sunglasses.

Uncanny, right?!

Of course, Hudson isn't the only star who has channeled the iconic character with her style. Earlier this year, we noticed that Katie Holmes had been dressing like Carrie Bradshaw, too.