In InStyle’s February issue, Kate Bosworth shares the sweet story behind her favorite piece of jewelry.

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InStyle January - Kate Bosworth
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Pigs have always meant something special to my family. My dad brought my mom a pig figurine on their first date because he'd heard from a friend that she collected them. She had no idea what he was talking about, but since it was their first date, she just accepted the gift and didn't question it.

Eventually, it became a running joke in our family—everyone started giving her pig presents. When you go to her house now, there are pig doorstops, platters, saltshakers ... So when I saw this ring last year, I immediately thought of my mom.

InStyle January - Kate Bosworth
Credit: TIPS

I first noticed it on my friend Leandra Medine. She told me it was by Retrouvaí and then introduced me to the designer, Kirsty Stone. When I got a closer look at the ring, I saw the "anything is possible" inscription hidden inside. It's basically the opposite of the saying "when pigs fly."

I love the message that we can all make anything happen in our lives. (My mom actually picked my name, Catherine, because it apparently means "strong-willed and determined.") Now when I have an important meeting or moment coming up, I wear my ring. It makes me think about my dreams and the barriers I want to break. All that from a pig ring. Who would've thought?

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–As told to Jennifer Ferrise