Stylist Karla Welch Is Selling Celeb-Worthy Vintage On Poshmark Right Now

These pieces were part of her impressive collection of dreamy clothing.

Karla Welch
Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for InStyle

When part of your job description involves scoping out cool clothes for celebrity clients to wear, it's only natural that, one day, you realize: Your closet could use a good cleaning.

That's sort of how things went for Karla Welch, the woman responsible for the enviable outfits we seen on A-listers like Olivia Wilde and Justin Bieber. While moving her studio during the pandemic, the fashion pro and founder of The Period Company and Wishi (aka the styling dilemma app you need to download now) decided it was probably time to pare down. She ended up partnering with resale site Poshmark, ensuring her collection of hard-to-find, celebrity-approved items would go to people who would hopefully appreciate them.

Karla Welch Poshmark
Karla Welch. Courtesy

"20 years of styling is a lot of time to accumulate a lot of pieces," Welch exclusively tells InStyle over email. "I am also an avid collector, but if I hadn't touched some pieces in years, I thought it would be amazing to let them have another life with someone else."

Welch's Poshmark closet is live starting at 12pm ET on 8/12, and it's filled with familiar looks you've seen on her clients as well as collectable, art-like vintage she invested in for herself. And, while some special pieces might set you back a few thousand dollars, you can still score something quality for under $100.

Ahead, Welch shares a bit about her experience using Poshmark, which fall trends she's searching for on the site, and how she chooses vintage for her clients to wear.

Karla Welch
Sarah Paulson, Karla Welch, and Busy Philipps. Donato Sardella/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter

Were you a fan of Poshmark before this? Have you bought things off the site?

"I have been a longtime fan! I am a treasure hunter so a site like Poshmark is heaven for me!"

How did you choose which pieces to sell?

"It really came down to 'Will I wear this again?' To be honest, I really love every single piece that I am selling and if I think too hard about it, the sale might be off."

Victor Costa Vintage Velvet Cocktail Dress

Can you talk a bit about finding vintage or secondhand items for your clients to wear?

"I really just buy what I love. For me, vintage is intuitive — if my heart leaps, I go for it! And to be honest, I don't buy for my clients, I buy for myself and they are lucky enough that I lend to them."

Since fall is coming up and so much nostalgia is trending, what are some terms you recommend searching on Poshmark?

"'70s vest, bootcut jeans, and square-toed boots."

Karla Welch
ETRO Violetta Jeans. Courtesy

What are your hopes for the future of fashion and circular fashion?

"Don't overbuy. Wear your clothes over and over and treat them with love."

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