Kaley Cuoco Has Found the Best Non-See-Through White T-Shirt

Plus sneakers so good she bought six pairs. Clearly, we need all her tips.

kaley cuoco white shirt
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Kaley Cuoco is the first to admit that being surprised can be somewhat "embarrassing," but that won't stop her from handing out some good ones. The actress got to do just that when she popped by Marshalls in Tribeca last week, helping the store announce its newest (and completely non-embarrassing) initiative: the Marshalls Surprise Box.

It's quite the Willy Wonka-like experience, if you ask us. According to a press release, a single box containing various Marshalls items were hidden around each store location. If a shopper happens to find it, they get to keep the contents, which could include anything from bags to sunglasses to phone chargers.

Fun, right?

"I feel like right now, in this day and age, the thought of making a handful of people smile for absolutely no reason makes me really happy," Cuoco told InStyle, after handing out sample boxes to unsuspecting customers. "And I love shopping."

With a statement like that, how could we not ask the former Big Bang Theory star about her fashion must-haves? Ahead, she shares her love of white T-shirts, the style tip she stole from Jennifer Aniston, and a cute story about her husband accidentally wearing her shorts.

You do have a signature style, but have you changed things up over the years?

"I think everyone evolves. I mean, it's hard because I've been in the public eye for so long and your style changes. You look back at anyone's style when they were 17 — you're like, 'What the hell was I thinking?!' I've definitely developed a simpler way of dressing. I love menswear, and I love jean shorts and a T-shirt. I own a ridiculous amount of white T-shirts and black T-shirts. I love slacks, I love high-waisted pants, and I don't wear heels; you won't ever really see me in heels."

Do you have a favorite, non-see-through white T-shirt?

"L'Agence makes my most favorite line of T-shirts. They are absolutely fantastic. But, you know what? I have to tell you, Gap T-shirts are freaking epic, too. They fit so well."

kaley cuoco white shirt

Can you put together the perfect high-waisted pants outfit for us?

"Literally high-waisted jeans and a white T-shirt. Tuck it in, then put on a belt and a loafer. How cute are you?! That's your daytime, and then, when you go out at night, throw a blazer on. So chic and so easy. I used to wear like, the low-rise jeans — remember the Frankie Bs and stuff? Now I've gone to high-waisted and I just think it looks cooler."

You've said that Jennifer Aniston is one of your style icons. Why her, specifically?

"She is the queen of the white T-shirt! I think maybe I copied her a little bit. She's always wearing the best jeans and literally a T-shirt. You'll even see her [wear that] out on a date or something, and then she's got on a high heel — she does like a high heel, but I don't. She likes to have a wedge. But I think she always looks so effortless. And then, Diane Keaton is my other style icon because she made menswear the sexiest thing in the world. And the hats, and big clothing, and not everything has to be so skintight to look sexy. I love comfort. There's some gorgeous clothing out there that doesn't have to be uncomfortable."

Are there three comfy items that you feel should be in everyone's wardrobe?

"Definitely a yoga pant — simple as that. A big, cozy sweater, like one of those ginormous ones that make no sense but are just incredible. And then, a white T-shirt."

Kaley Cuoco Marshalls

Since you like menswear, are there items that you steal from your husband's wardrobe?

"No, but you want to know the saddest part? The other day we were going to yoga, and he came down and had shorts on, but they looked kind of tight. I was like, 'He is wearing my effing shorts!' I'm like, 'You do not fit in those.' He goes, 'Are these yours?' I'm like, 'Take those off! Right now.' I was greatly offended. And I think they looked better on him. I was pissed."

Do you have a favorite pair of flats that you like to wear?

"A sneaker. Nike makes a white one that is so freaking cute. It's all-white with a white sole. I bought six pairs — because they get so dirty — just so I would have new ones. I'm really into sneakers. People are starting to realize that no one wants to be walking around the city in high heels, and all these companies, these designers, are coming out with great, really cute sneakers."

Kaley Cuoco White T-shirt

Do you have any tricks for keeping your sneakers white?

"I'm a real weirdo about it. I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which you could also get at Marshalls, I think."

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