8 Winter Fashion Lessons We've Learned From Kaia Gerber

The model has mastered dressing for the cold while still looking cute.

Kaia Gerber
Photo: Splash News

Each morning, we roll out of bed...and immediately roll back in, burying ourselves under the covers. It's cold (at least in most parts of the country), so unsurprisingly, we've been obsessing over all things warm: cozy sweaters, turtlenecks, various pair of boots, and, of course, coats. But, if that last item is indeed practical, it can be kind of tough to make it look cute.

Unless you've taken a tip or two from Kaia Gerber.

The model (and love interest of Pete Davidson) has become a pro at dressing for a dip in temperature, all while making things like basic puffers seem runway-ready. She'll add an unexpected hat. She'll tie a scarf a certain way. Or she'll layer two jackets on top of each other.

We've definitely gathered a ton of winter fashion inspiration from Gerber's outerwear looks alone. Here's what we're keeping in mind until things heat up again.

1. Keep It Classic

Kaia Gerber animal print coat
Robert Kamau/GC Images

Gerber doesn't seem to overthink her coats and accessories. She sticks with staples, like styling a furry printed coat with a solid beanie. Sometimes, it's true that simple is best.

2. Don't Forget a Hat

Kaia Gerber wearing a coat
Jackson Lee/GC Images

It's rare that Gerber ventures out without something on her head, but it's not all beanies for this fashion star. She'll just as easily wear a baseball cap or bucket hat with her coats instead, which changes up the whole vibe. If you switch up any item, make it this.

3. Find an Option You Can Wear With Any Outfit

Kaia Gerber wearing a coat
Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

While it's not impossible to look cute when wearing a puffer with a dress, an easier solution would be to invest in a more versatile coat instead. Gerber's brown suede jacket definitely looks great with jeans, but it's still simple enough to wear over sequins and skirts, too.

4. Layer If Neccessary

Kaia Gerber wearing a coat
BG024/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Even the warmest coats won't seem warm enough on chilly days. While it's practical to style another jacket or sweater underneath, it will also give your look a little something extra, and make things more interesting, too.

5. There's More to Leather Jackets Than Moto Styles

Kaia Gerber wearing a leather coat
Marc Piasecki

We've grown used to seeing short, zipper-embellished leather jackets everywhere, but Gerber proves a longer, Matrix-like version is worth trying, too. That's one '00s trend we don't mind embracing.

6. Remember Your Scarf

Kaia Gerber
Splash News

It's something we tend to forget about — but maybe we shouldn't. Gerber's long, black scarf stole the show (and momentarily distracted us from her printed coat) when she wrapped it around her neck and matched it to her gloves and hat.

7. Match Your Gloves to Your Coat

Kaia Gerber wearing a coat and a bucket hat
BG024/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Instead of color-coordinating your winter extras, create a different eye-catching look by matching your gloves to your coat. The unbroken line will make it appear as if it's all one piece, and then you can have fun with your hat like Gerber did.

8. Switch Things Up For Casual Days

Kaia Gerber
Splash News

It's possible that Gerber was shopping Davidson's closet when she found this plaid flannel, but she showed us that oversize outerwear pairs perfectly with leggings and a hoodie on a day off.

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