Justin Bieber
Credit: Splash News

Justin Bieber, remember me?
The InStyle poet, I do decree.

I’ve been away, but came back because
Your yellow shorts, they gave me pause.

You’re wearing shower shoes in the South of France …
Did you leave your nicer options home, perchance?

I’m all in favor of a light summer ‘fit
But these shorts with your name on them? They’re blinding me a bit.

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The color is loud and your name bold in black,
We also are curious: What’s in the sac?

Is it a change of clothes, a tee could do you well.
That collared shirt has too many faces, from what I can tell.

A collared tee with basketball shorts, seems a sartorial reach
Are you going to the gym, on a date or to the beach?

Perhaps you’re attempting a multi-purpose look for your entire day’s events?
In which case, my advice? You want my two cents?

Choose one look per outfit, Biebs, that’s all I can say
And I’m happy to fly over there, by the way

In case you need me to bring you some clothes, an option or two.
Then we could go to dinner? Eat a nice blanquette de veau?