And we have the side-by-sides to prove it.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Dec 13, 2019 @ 3:15 pm

Honestly, each and every time we see a photo of Julia Roberts, we're hit with an overall feeling of joy. Her hair looks spectacular at any length or color, her makeup always accentuates her natural beauty, and her outfits have more than inspired a few of our own (save for those Notting Hill flip-flops). Roberts's '90s and '00s ensembles would still be considered trendy today — and we know this because Emily Ratajkowski wears ones just like them.

If the combo of Roberts and Ratajkowski seems sort of weird to you, well, same. We wouldn't have thought these two would share an overall style aesthetic. But looking back into Roberts' outfit archives, we realized the two actresses have worn some pretty similar stuff, and the comparisons are uncanny.

They Both Have a Thing For Oversize Suits

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Did Roberts's famous Golden Globes look inspire Ratajkowski's Nasty Gal design? It kind of looks like it!

And What About Their Cutout Dresses?

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Yes, these women are showing off different parts of their body, but the long sleeves and slits still make us say, "Wait a minute..."

They've Shown Their Love For Big Belt Buckles

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Perhaps Roberts will break this baby out again now that western belts are back in style.

They've Both Worn Blazers as Full Outfits

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One was at the Golden Globes and one was at the airport, thus proving this item works for all occasions.

Ratajkowski Enjoys Bike Shorts and Capris, But Roberts Wore 'Em First

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It's confirmation that the '80s really are back, considering Roberts' outfit is from a premiere in 1989.

Leather Looks Are a Must For These Ladies

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We're now convinced that colorful leather pants and a basic black top are a timeless combo.

They Know Beige Dresses Are as Versatile as an LBD

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Another outfit that can be worn on the red carpet as well as the streets of NYC.

Striped Suits? Check!

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Of course, Ratajkowski dressed down her own set a bit, adding a white crop top and red snakeskin shoes to spice it up.

They're Even Into the Same Casual Staples

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And have no problem wearing leggings as pants.

Unsurprisingly, Roberts and Ratajkowski Are Into a Classic Pairing

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Fact: A white shirt, jeans, a blazer, and boots will work whenever, wherever, and never go out of style.