Johannes LEAD
Credit: Christian Vierig/Getty

Prepare to cue the awww's. As the new style ambassador of Banana Republic, Olivia Palermo was at the brand's spring 2017 presentation during New York Fashion Week at Canoe Studios, where models wore a mix of next season's clothes along with a curated selection (hand-picked by OP herself) that are available for purchase right now. And who showed up to support her? Johannes Huebl, her model of a husband who also happens to be her number one fan of course.

"Hi!" exclaimed Palermo, interrupting an interview when she spotted him among the crowd. Unfortunately, fashion show duties kept them apart, but we stealthily tracked Huebl down, where he won us over with his charisma and his love for OP.

"I'm really proud of her, and Banana Republic is a great company," he tells us. "I think she's the perfect person for Banana. She has really elegant style; it's effortless, creative, and I've seen the photos from the collaboration. It all has that Olivia elegance."

Of course all this talk about fashion ineviatably led to a discussion about their couple style, which we all know exists on a higher, unattainable plane. "Sometimes people assume that because we dress a certain way, that we coordinate. Sometimes it happens, she'll wear a denim shirt, I wear a denim shirt, but it's never planned," Huebl says. "We're both very casual with our fashion approach; we don't take ourselves too seriously. We do give each other tips, and I'll give her my opinion. Personally, I'm more of a classic person—I like contrast and monochrome, and I'm not very risky when it comes to trying prints."

"And is there one thing OP doesn't like?" we press.

"I grew up wearing high-top Converses and sometimes I wear them with my Bermudas or pants when it's too hot in the summer, and she doesn't care for my Converse," he says, candidly. "There are one or two things she doesn't like, but it also doesn't matter to me. I still wear my Converses." You do you, Johannes.