She says one word, but the range of emotions, OMG.
Jodie Comer Loewe Campaign
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Even if you've only ever watched one episode of Killing Eve, it's easy to see how Jodie Comer won the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series. As Villanelle, she's mastered multiple accents, emotions, and styles, and now, she's doing the same in a new campaign for Loewe.

VIDEO: Jodie Comer at the 71st Emmy Awards

In the less-than-three-minute clip, which was directed by Benn Northover and titled Either Way, Comer looks at her reflection in a dressing-room mirror, applying makeup and repeating the word "Loewe" (pronounced low-ev-ay) to herself. Sometimes, she says it in a sad way, her eyes welling up with tears. Other times, she screams it, like when a phone in the background continues to ring. Her skills are on full display, and it's so great, we might have to give her another award.

Of course, there are a few fashion highlights, too, such as the sunglasses Comer puts on momentarily. But at the same time, the performance is getting us extra excited for Killing Eve's third season. Let's get on that, people!