When layering is out of the question, look to these styling tips for an outfit upgrade.
Summer accessories jewelry
Credit: Sam Gold; Suit by Boss.

There are a handful reasons why we love summer — beach days, vitamin D, the occasional three-day weekend — but among our favorites is definitely the fashion. For a few months, our wardrobe mostly consists of T-shirts, shorts, and sundresses, so getting dressed for warmer weather feels easier and more carefree than any other time of year.

However, without the addition of extra layers, we sometimes get stumped when it comes to making outfits seem more interesting. That's where jewelry comes in. A chain necklace has the ability to transform a meh tank top into a practically brand new, non-boring look. And many of our favorite fashion icons know the power behind statement-making hoops.

If you're on a mission to take your summer outfits to the next level, keep these four accessory tricks in mind. It's possible these classic pieces are already part of your collection, so all you need is to throw them on before heading out the door.

If You're Looking For That Final Touch...

Summer accessories jewelry
Credit: Sam Gold; Trench coat by Self Portrait.

Add hoop or drop earrings. There aren't many outfits where this style wouldn't work — just ask Michelle Obama. Whether they're small or large in size, this accessory makes even casual shorts sets feel 10 times fancier, and will add a playful element when worn with your favorite maxi dress.

If Your Outfit Seems Too Simple...

Summer accessories jewelry
Credit: Sam Gold; Camisole, trousers, boots by Gucci, choker by Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Surprise.

Add a chain-link necklace or choker. There's a reason this accessory is constantly going viral and beloved by celebrities. It's a true statement piece, and whether you pair it with an average cami or an oversized sweatshirt, it'll steal the focus and help to make your look pop.

If You Don't Want to Go Overboard...

Summer accessories jewelry
Credit: Sam Gold; Shirt and trousers by Emporio Armani, Necklace Stylist's own.

Add a longer style necklace. Sometimes, your outfit just needs a little something extra — nothing too extreme, but enough to take it beyond the basics. A popular move is layering delicate necklaces of various lengths, but a single bigger, bulkier option will also have the same eye-catching effect.

If You Want to Give a Structured Look a Boost...

Summer accessories jewelry
Credit: Sam Gold; Blazer vest by Frankie Shop.

Add a metal choker. Classic white button-downs, blazer dresses, suits — this tiny twist will ensure your work wardrobe really wows well beyond office hours. On top of being unexpected, it'll also give things a futuristic feel, and is something you can rely on for formal events, too.

Photographs by Sam Gold. Model: Francine James at Supreme. Styling by Sarah Daniella. Makeup by Shayna Goldberg.. Hair by Timothy Aylward at The Wall Group using Dyson Haircare. Set Design by Chelsea Donnan.