The One Fashion Advice Jessica Alba Won't Give Her Daughters

Jessica Alba
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The holidays are coming up, but Jessica Alba's daughters aren't aggressively filling up their Christmas wish-lists with mini-me Chanel bags and just-like-mommy Fendi sunglasses. In fact, 8-year-old Honor Marie Warren and 5-year-old Haven Garner Warner likely couldn't care less about the different between Louis Vuitton's classic monogram and that of Goyard's—and for good reason.

In the Alba-Warren household, the greatest fashion items are indeed classic pieces with a rich history, not fresh-out-the-store, pricey goods. "I don't talk to her about brands, never do," Alba told InStyle when we quizzed her on the style advice she gives her eldest daughter. "I never talk to her about brands or the price of things." The actress explained that she teaches her daughters to give back to those in need, and purge their unused pieces each time they receive a new gift.

"Honor gets a lot of clothes and dollies from her cousin, who's 3 years older than her. She passes [them] down to Haven and she has another cousin who's a year older than Haven, her old clothes, that's she's worn, or her dollies or whatever," she told us, explaining that you can expect to find the young ones in the family sharing the same dresses. "In our family we do a lot of recycling. Most of Honor's dollies come from her cousin, Mia, certainly her Barbies. And her cousin teachers her how to take care of them, even though she's way older."

Play things aside, hand-me-down dresses also don't always come in freshly gift-wrapped boxes. "[Honor] wears vintage dresses that were Mia's, that their grandmother got in the South of France. There are stories behind it. We're really into stories, you know, 'Your cousin wore this and here's a picture of her and now you're wearing it," she added. "We're really into that in our family."

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That's how you keep 'em humble.

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