Jeremy Scott Talks Bringing the Bling to New Ugg Collab

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When you think of Jeremy Scott, Ugg boots generally aren’t the first things that come to mind...but with the launch of his new collection for the brand, they just might be.

The Moschino creative director, who tapped Jasmine Sanders and Lil’ Yachty for his Jeremy Scott x Ugg campaign, designed eight styles and brought an urban element to the comfy kicks, with the boots covered in flames, the words “Ugg Life,” and swaths of Swarovski crystals.

We caught up with the fashionisto in a suite at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Saturday to talk about all things Ugg, his campaign, and how his collection came to be.

Scott sat comfortably on a plush couch rocking a bomber jacket, jeans, and tan Uggs (naturally), as he talked about why he was drawn to the brand.

“My assistant actually met the people from Uggs by chance, the PR. They were like, ‘do you think he would love to do a collaboration?’ And that’s how it came about,” Scott told InStyle. “I was like, well yeah, of course I want to make my own Uggs. I love them so much. It was fun for me to be able to bring my personality and kind of play with this icon that I love.”

Scott said he was “a little hesistant” at first though, given that Uggs tend to have the rep of “a girl’s shoe” thanks to the likes of Britney Spears and Kate Hudson, but when he found out the brand’s popularity started with “surfer guys,” he was sold. “I tried a pair on and they were so comfy and cozy,” he said. “I love the way they look, I like the volume, and then I got a pair, started wearing them, and loved them. Then I got another pair, and started wearing them and loved them.”


As far as his inspiration for the designs, Scott said his mind immediately went to flames, but he also wanted to include hip hop culture and the tastes of his favorite muses. “As soon as it was brought to me, I was like, oh, I want my flames,” he said. “I love the idea of Ugg life, and thinking about thug life. I was thinking about this whole kind of hip hop culture that I love so much. It's such a part of my work, the designs, and so many people that I dress. I thought, I love the simplicity of having the classic boot, but then this detail and this touch.”

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And he made sure to add a signature Jeremy Scott aspect to each shoe. “It has an element of humor, which is such a part of my work as well,” he continued. “I wanted to do a real embroidered thing, which we were doing already with the flames. I was thinking, what would Rihanna wear, if she was going to have some really elaborate ones? I was trying to think about my friends and what they would wear. [I wanted to] bring my personality and the thought about the people that I love into them.”


For the designs, there are tall boots, the classic short, the mini, and car shoes for men and women, with the “Ugg Life” boot ranking as Scott’s favorite, and the boots covered in orange-red flames coming in at a close second (although he says he loves them all). “It’s so hard to choose.” And with good reason. The boots covered in Swarovski crystals are also particularly special, given that each one is made by hand and takes a week to complete.

For the campaign, shot by Marcus Mam, Scott said he was inspired by the Golden State. “I was just thinking about California, the desert, and flames,” he told us. So, he incorporated low rider cars, urban swag, and hot rods, as he “tried to make something that seemed sexy, and kind of cool, and California.”

In the end, Scott hopes that his designs will draw a new audience to the brand. “Hopefully it’ll bring some of my fans that maybe thought of Uggs as just as a cozy shoe, and [now see that] wow, it can be really flamboyant or fun,” he said. “That’s what I love. It’s always exciting to mix things up, and have unexpected combinations.”

The eight styles range from $90 to $1,195 and will be available Sept. 13.

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