What can’t she do?
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J.Lo Baggy Controversial Jeans
Credit: Backgrid

Just the other week I prophesied that during the apocalypse we’d all be wearing low-rise jeans. But there’s been a recent development. Jennifer Lopez has endorsed low-rise jeans again, which means maybe the world isn’t ending. Maybe low-rise jeans are the key to hustling, looking incredible at fifty, and having the most iconic hair flip the Super Bowl/world has ever seen. Maybe we’re just not being open enough to their potential. Or maybe it’s just that Jennifer Lopez is Jennifer Lopez and a pair of controversial jeans won’t change that.

After winning the Superbowl with Shakira (with assists by J. Balvin and Bad Bunny), Jennifer Lopez slipped out of her bedazzled butt-crack Versace leather chaps into something a little more comfortable but equally as sparkly. Her baggy low-rise jeans, though, had embellishments on the front, right where you could see them. If you weren’t already blinded by her famous bedazzled Starbucks tumbler, then her latest look will definitely do the trick.

Of course, winning the Super Bowl, perfectly pole dancing in a crystal bodysuit in front of all of America, and having your daughter join you on stage while you’re wearing a fuzzy Puerto Rican cape the size of several apartments wasn’t enough for Jennifer Lopez. Neither were several on-stage outfit changes. The icon needed one final look to close out the night, and it only feels right that it would burn the fashion rules handbook to the ground.

And while we spent almost all of today trying to figure out how to look even remotely like Jennifer Lopez or Shakira, buying a pair of baggy low-rise jeans is as probably as close as we’re going to get. Truth is, they’re probably comfortable enough to both belly dance and pole dance in too.

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