Jennifer Lopez Wore a 100k bag with her favorite $20 Face Mask

Jennifer Lopez Just Wore a $100,000 Bag With Her Go-To $20 Face Mask

Her bedazzled Starbucks tumbler was also there.
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Despite being the end of the world, 2020 has somehow become the year of the designer bag. Alongside sweats and face masks, demand for designer bags skyrocketed in the Apocalypse. Apparently some of us decided cancelled vacations, reservations, and all other forms of plans meant more money to splurge on something luxurious we wouldn't normally buy. But while we were throwing designer bags into our carts, celebrities decided maybe this was the year to throw their designer bags on the floor. 

Let us explain. 

Back in May, Ashley Olsen wore the infamous $39,000 The Row crocodile backpack and actually set it down on a New York City sidewalk. The bag was stuffed to the brim with her laptop, a charger, and what we imagine to be a couple pounds of caviar (that's what a $39k backpack is for, right?). While the street style moment was iconic, it also felt symbolic of this dumpster fire of a year. In 2020, who really cares if your $39,000 backpack gets scuffed? Jennifer Lopez recently showed solidarity for this line of thinking by utilizing her $100,000 Hermès Birkin bag at the gym. Our duffle bags, could truly, literally, never, not even if they all got together. 

The bag was notably absent while she worked out on the floor of the gym, but she was seen entering the gym with it, her favorite crystal face mask, and her go-to bedazzled tumbler (this time with a Coach logo). It seems like she put the bag in her locker, which would make any mortal person panic about it potentially getting stolen. But perhaps that helps get Lopez's blood pumping for her workout. Or is she just Jennifer Lopez and $100k is really not a big deal? What we will say is a big deal, though, is that she did pair the most expensive bag we've read about in months with a $20 face mask

MasQd Crystal Face Mask

MasQd Crystal Face Mask
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Lopez has been wearing the MasQd crystal face mask for some time, and it appears to be her favorite. It's by far the one she's worn the most, which would make sense. The only thing worthy of that much close contact with Lopez's iconic, never-aging, beautiful face should be covered in crystals. Plus, it matches her tumbler! And it definitely feels like the only face mask worthy of accompanying an outfit that's over $100,000. 

If you're thinking about buying a designer bag to reward yourself for making it through 2020, you're clearly not alone, and you deserve it. But if you're looking for something slightly more budget-friendly, that feels just as suitable for 2020, Lopez's face mask is it. If it's good enough to be worn alongside her Birkin, it's definitely good enough to be worn with anything we own. And who is to say there wasn't one or two or three of these sitting in Ashley Olsen's backpack? It wouldn't be the most shocking thing to happen this year.