She can do no wrong.
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Jennifer Lopez J Brand Jeans
Credit: jlo/Instagram

The day before Oscar nomination day, most actors and actresses are probably a bundle of nerves. Well, all actors and actresses who aren’t Jennifer Lopez. Instead the should-have-been nominated actress (yeah, we said what we said) was posted up high somewhere near a floor-to-ceiling window, boots on the glass while wearing a pair of very good white skinny jeans. Even though we like to imagine she was planning how to crush the Academy underneath her heels, she was actually promoting both her Super Bowl half-time performance and her TikTok channel, all while looking like Lopez always looks: incredible.

While her latest Instagram post featuring her Vanity Fair cover demonstrates how unphased she is by the Academy’s ineptitude, her white jeans #ootd post shows how she is also unbothered by any fashion-industry rule. She is Jennifer Lopez and she will do whatever she likes. It’s after Labor Day and, sure, she’ll wear white jeans if she wants to.

This isn’t the first time Jennifer Lopez has broken archaic fashion ideals. Back when she first wore that Versace dress, people were shook — before shook was even a thing — by the plunging neckline. The next day, so many people had searched for photos of her outfit that Google Image Search was born. When she accepted the CFDA’s Fashion Icon Award in 2019, she wore a two-piece gown (a two! piece! gown!) by Ralph Lauren that involved a crop top and a skirt with a trail. And let’s not forget any of her iconic 2000s red-carpet moments. Try to name any celebrity that has made bedazzled low-rise jeans and a bandana look good on a red carpet. We’ll wait.

While almost all of Jennifer Lopez’s trailblazing, rule-breaking looks are iconic, none of them are easy to emulate. This more casual white jeans look though, is definitely manageable. Especially since her jeans are by J Brand, retail for $176, and are available on Amazon Prime.

Our butts will definitely not look as good as hers (obviously), but we’re just happy to know buying these jeans means having something in common with Jennier Lopez. That’s more than enough. The only thing that could make us love them more is if she recreated that iconic Ramona Outside The Courthouse Moment while wearing them and standing outside the Academy headquarters. Middle fingers in the air and all.

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