The Secret to Jennifer Lopez's Glowing Skin Is This $13 Sunscreen Mist From Amazon

It works like magic.

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The Secret to Jennifer Lopez’s Glowing Skin Is This $13 Sunscreen Mist From Amazon
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There are certain times you're just not supposed to look good, like when you're about to take a shower or when you're slathered in sunscreen and sweat at the beach. And yet, I've experienced this strange phenomenon where, at those exact moments, I look in the mirror or go to take a selfie on my phone and think: "This is the best I've ever looked." Sans makeup and all.

I feel like there's probably some psychological reasoning for all of this, but instead of looking into that, I've realized that Jennifer Lopez is the key. Naturally, like with any beauty conundrum, Lopez would be involved. I should have seen that one coming, and yet it still took me by surprise when I scrolled past a video on social media of a girl applying a sunscreen mist on top of her full face of makeup. Her caption read: "Just like JLo." I did a double take, pulled out my notebook, and took notes.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Mist Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 55

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After doing some googling, I discovered that two years ago, Lopez's makeup artist, Scott Barnes, gave YouTuber Tati Westbrook a bronzed look inspired by the star and revealed his secret for glowing skin. Barnes sprayed Westbrook with Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Face Mist Sunscreen after applying her makeup and shocked the internet. The spray gives skin a dewy, naturally glowy look, while also providing some much-needed SPF, and it costs just $13. The girl I came across on social media was following the same hack, and her skin looked incredible — and we all know that Lopez always looks like she is radiating sunshine from within. I knew I had to try it.

Thankfully, Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Sunscreen line is available on Amazon, and I had the face mist within a day of ordering. After spending too much time on my makeup to go on the same walk I go on everyday, I spritzed a bit on top of everything. I was worried it would smudge or look greasy, but it sat perfectly on top and gave me the most natural sheen. My goal in life is to always look as glowy as possible, and I can confirm that there is no highlighter that does what this drugstore sunscreen did to my face, and I've tried nearly every one and usually layer at least two daily.

Considering I often felt my skin looked best at the beach, this realization shouldn't come as a surprise, but it still feels like an underrated beauty secret. Even my boyfriend made a face when he saw me spraying the sunscreen mist on my face, and he doesn't even know how makeup works.

I've been doing it religiously for two weeks now, and I have never been so obsessed with a beauty product, even though this isn't even technically one. But that's the beauty of beauty: Sometimes, it really is the simple things. Now if anyone can please explain why my hair looks incredible right before wash day, that would be amazing. Although I'm sure Lopez has a hack for that too.

Shop the sunscreen mist that's responsible for Lopez's famous glow for $13 on Amazon.

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