Pro: You’ll never run out of pockets.

By Jayla Andrulonis
Updated Mar 12, 2020 @ 3:30 pm
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Having been born and raised in Western Pennsylvania where my school district recognized the first day of hunting season as a holiday (yes, really), viewing camouflage as an intentional sartorial choice hasn’t always been easy for me. It wasn’t until I was far enough away from my hometown — where wearing camo didn’t come with the assumption you spent the day sitting in a tree in the woods for fun — that I began to recognize that its place alongside prints like leopard or polka dots was well-deserved.

Since then, I’ve accepted my camo utility jacket as the hero piece of my too-large-for-my-apartment jacket collection; it matches pretty much anything and, with so many pockets, it makes going out with a purse optional. And based on her recent outings, it’s clear Jennifer Lopez may feel the same way about the outerwear staple as I do.

While attending the Billie Eilish concert with her daughter Emme earlier this week, Lopez opted for an oversized camouflage utility jacket, which she wore with her signature top knot and oversized hoops. Although the choice of outerwear plays wonderfully off Eilish’s trademark green, well, everything in the trio’s photo op, this isn’t the first time we’ve spotted the star in camo print.

On one of her many gym outings, the Hustlers star wore a different but very similar jacket. And while, yes, going with camouflage leggings and a camouflage jacket in contrasting shades was a bold move, she’s J.Lo and she can do what she wants. The rules do not apply and we like it this way.

With the awkward transitional time that is spring almost here, I’ll be reaching for my own utility jacket in the pattern that took me time to make peace with. Give your denim jacket a break already, by scrolling to shop these Jennifer Lopez-inspired camo utility jackets, instead.

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