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Jennifer Lawrence Bottega Pumps
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Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have an Instagram. This is important because in 2020 that’s unheard of. Lacking the burning desire to take a photo of yourself in every shiny reflection you pass for the purpose of internet consumption is an astonishing feat. It’s also probably why Lawrence has become somewhat of a style icon these past couple of months. Since she isn’t constantly flooding our feeds, catching a glimpse of her outfit feels special, especially when they’re good and involve Bottega Veneta pumps.

Because this is Jennifer Lawrence we’re talking about, her outfits are always good. Her style isn’t the most eccentric of celebrities. She doesn’t opt for snakeskin boots instead of pants like Jennifer Lopez, and she doesn’t accessorize with over-the-top padded headbands like Kate Middleton. Instead she wears subtle basics and classics in muted tones.

Her closet seems to consist of every shade of beige and grey. Lawrence loves brands like The Row, Khaite and the aforementioned Bottega Veneta. Clearly, she has a proclivity for expensive brands that are known for making simple pieces like teddy coats and combat boots look luxurious. Just last week she wore an oversized Iro Knitted Coat (that’s currently on sale) with Bottega Veneta’s Almond Curved-Heel Leather Pumps (currently not on sale, but that’s okay). They probably don’t look that different than the block heels you already own, and yet they probably make you want to throw them all away.

That’s because Bottega’s pumps are perfect. They’re somehow both square-toed and pointy, which means they’re also somehow both on trend and classic. The heel is curved enough to make the pumps look unique but sturdy enough to make them comfortable and easy to walk in. And, yes, they’re $790, but that price actually makes them one of the more affordable wardrobe pieces you can buy from the it-brand right now.

Regardless of Lawrence’s lack of Instagram posting, the masses have caught on about her shoes. Since she’s been spotted in them last week, they’ve sold out on most websites. Considering Bottega made both the it-shoe and ‘it’ bag of last season, buying a pair of curved-heel leather pumps now isn’t just an investment but a guarantee that you’ll have something in common with fashion’s front-row crowd come February. And you can make up for Lawrence’s lack of posting by taking so many pictures in them.

Shop Jennifer Lawrence’s comfortable Bottega Veneta heels, below.

Bottega Veneta Almond Curved-Heel Leather Pumps

Bottega Veneta Almond curved-heel leather pumps
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