They’re also one of Oprah’s favorite things.
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Jennifer Garner in Spanx Leggings
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I don’t know if you’ve seen Jennifer Garner recently but she looks pretty happy to be Jennifer Garner. I guess I would be, too. Especially if I was double-fisting what looks like two cups of coffee while wearing leggings that have the words Booty Boost in the name.

Garner is somewhat of a legging connoisseur. For every photo of her in a gown on the red carpet, there’s two of her out in L.A. looking fit, carrying juice, wearing leggings — you know, famous people things. But what makes her most-recent pair of leggings so noteworthy is that they’re by Spanx, and on top of Garner clearly loving Spanx, Oprah loves Spanx, which means we should all love Spanx.

Back in November, Oprah put Spanx’s Perfect Black Pants on her annual list of favorite things, the only list of anything that really, truly matters. While Oprah praised them for being the most flattering and comfortable pants to wear to work, Garner’s Booty Boost Leggings are a better alternative if you’re looking for something to sweat in.

Spanx’s Booty Boost Leggings help smooth all over, and they’ll hug your legs just right without bunching up during workouts. Plus, they’re known for their breathability, which helps make burpees or long errand runs somewhat more tolerable and less sweaty. And if you’ve always been a fan of the long line of star tattoos Rihanna has going down her neck, these leggings can be a non-permanent alternative with a similar design along the bottom of the legs. Of course, the pièce de résistance is the fact that, yes, they will give your booty a literal boost.

It’s no shock Garner looks so happy while wearing them. She just looks like a woman who finally found the perfect pair of leggings that look as good as they feel. We love to see it. If you too want to look as positively tickled as Jennifer Garner does while walking down the street in L.A. wearing them, shop her exact pair of Spanx leggings below.

Spanx Active Full Length Leggings

Booty Boost Leggings Metallic Star
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