I'd Like to Personally Thank Jennifer Garner for This Bra Recommendation

It has so many game-changing features I can’t stop raving about.

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I Tried the Bra Jennifer Garner Recommends to All of Her Friends
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Do you buy things based on recommendations from your friends? I do. And my friends do, too. In fact, just yesterday, my best friend texted me saying she purchased the Tower28 lip gloss I had written a love letter about last week. "It's our summer 2021 gloss," she said. "Heck yes," I replied.

Recommendations from friends and people you trust are a sure-fire way to find really good products. After all, they've tried it and clearly loved it enough to pass along their fondness of it to someone else. Jennifer Garner isn't technically my friend (a girl can dream though, right?), but she's one celebrity whose product recommendations I do get intrigued by. A hair mask she uses religiously? I'm sold, because I mean, just look at her hair. A bra so comfy, Garner said she told all her friends about it? You bet I bought it.

"You guys have no idea how many friends I've turned on to the Bra-llelujah!" Garner once shared with the brand. Though I'm not in Garner's friend group, I'm one person she also turned on to the Spanx bra. During one of the brand's flash sales, I caved and decided to finally scoop up this famous bra that Garner and a slew of other stars seemed to be utterly obsessed with. Though it was half-off then, I would have certainly still purchased it for its full price of $68.

Bra-llelujah!® Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra

Shop now: $68; spanx.com

The bra appeared on my doorstep at lightning speed. I immediately opened the package because I'm eager like that and couldn't wait to feel it IRL. Just as I expected, the bra was incredibly soft to the touch, something I already loved about it even before I put it on.

The wear test confirmed everything I had hoped. The brand's signature Smart Straps, which are wider than most, really did what they promised — they didn't dig into my shoulders, and they actually stayed put. I've worn my fair share of bras with straps that always slide down, but that didn't happen with the Bra-llelujah.

Hour five is typically when I start to feel the bra pain come in, but on hour five of the Bra-llelujah, I had nothing to complain about. The usual aches I get when wearing traditional push-ups weren't there thanks to its game-changing all-hosiery back that's super stretchy. Aside from comfort, the trademarked back design also smooths lumps and bumps that sometimes show through when I wear more fitted tops, so this one's a win-win in terms of comfort and fit.

The last thing that won me over was the front closure, which makes putting on and taking off the bra a breeze. I didn't have to fuss with the back clasp to try and find the best fit. A simple snap at the front and I was good to go. Plus, the front closure also eliminates any bulky clasps from showing through the back. Love!

If you've given up on finding the perfect bra for you, give the Bra-llelujah a try. It's a worthwhile purchase. Pinky promise!

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