The Butt-Lifting Leggings Jennifer Garner and I Wear Nonstop Are at Their Lowest Price Ever

Bonus: They’re camel toe-erasing, too.

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Jennifer Garner Wore the Butt-Lifting Leggings Celebs and Fashion Editors Are Obsessed With
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A lot has changed in the last year. I moved from Minnesota back to New York City, I picked up new hobbies, and I decided to try my luck at running, something anyone who knows me would say "Excuse me?" to. Never in a million years would 26-year-old Eva have thought 27-year-old Eva would be jogging around Central Park, but alas, here we are. One thing that hasn't changed, though? My deep-seated love for Spanx's Booty Boost Leggings that are still on sale for Black Friday.

I'd say I'm probably tied with Jennifer Garner as the Booty Boost's #1 fan. More likely than not, whenever Garner steps out to run errands, walk around the park, or pick up groceries, she's wearing the blue or black version of the brand's most famous leggings. More often than not, whenever I'm picking up groceries or going on my nighttime run (yes, friends!), I'm also wearing my Booty Boost leggings. I currently own three pairs of the black, but I'll be adding the navy into my rotation while they're on sale.

Spanx Sale

Shop now: $78 (Originally $98);

You've probably read a lot about these leggings. Celebs, fashion editors, and regular folk all agree that there's some sort of magic woven into the DNA of these activewear bottoms because the minute you put them on, you feel instantly better. Unlike some leggings, these are incredibly easy to slip on because of the buttery-soft, four-way stretch material. They have a high waistband that actually stays put during my jogs or at-home pilates workouts. But my all-time favorite things about these leggings? They have a center-free seam that means absolutely no camel toe — bless! — and they're designed to make your butt look its best ever. Like I said, magic.

The sculpting fabric and the high-waistband create the illusion of a perkier, more lifted butt, and all I can say to that is "hallelujah!" Don't get me wrong – squats are fine and all, but if I can get a more boosted butt without breaking a sweat, I'm all in.

Given the fact that these leggings are basically famous, it's no surprise they rarely get marked down. But during Spanx's once-a-year sitewide sale, which is on for a few more days, they are 20 percent off. Which means only one thing: I'm stocking up, and you should, too.

Shop the magical leggings for yourself below.

Spanx Black Friday

Shop now: $78 (Originally $98);

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