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Jen Garner's Favorite Jeans Are on Sale at Nordstrom
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Jennifer Garner's Instagram has been a constant source of joy during the pandemic. If you missed out on the homemade cinema starring her cat, there is still plenty of time to catch up. And if cat films aren't your thing, there's also her recent dancing cactus videos, her Pretend Cooking Show, and her 2020 spoof of the infamous "Alias" pool scene. Needless to say, she makes us smile, and we all want to basically be her. 

While getting a charismatic cat and investing in a big Los Angeles pool aren't really attainable, shopping the brands in Garner's closet thankfully is, and wearing the labels she loves is as close to being Jennifer Garner most of us are going to get. Not surprisingly, the woman who recommends Spanx to her friends happens to love a lot of brands that are pretty affordable. In a recent Glamour interview where Garner discussed her favorite things, she admitted that her go-to anti-aging retinol is under $25 at Amazon and, like the rest of us, she loves comfortable denim. 

She mentioned that Joe's Jeans unexpectedly makes the most comfortable sweaters, and she also said that the denim overalls she wears to the farm are by Paige. Garner has been seen wearing Paige on multiple occasions, and while it isn't as expensive as Jennifer Lopez's $100,000 Birkin Bag (but what is?), it's still on the pricier side, with most pairs costing upwards of $200. Thankfully, Nordstrom has majorly discounted the brand, and prices starting at $63.

Following the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping marathon, Nordstrom has not slowed down at all. Instead, it secretly launched a designer sale with over 3,000 pieces, including ones from The North Face, Rag & Bone, and now Paige. Nearly every pair in every style is on sale, and more than a handful have rave reviews from Nordstrom shoppers

With the beginning of 2021 looking to be a 2020 sequel and the weather getting colder and colder, hard pants feel like more and more of a burden to put on. But of all celebrities, Garner always seems to prioritize comfort, so when she says this is her go-to denim brand, we already know it's comfortable.

Now, excuse us while we stock up on a couple pairs and make movies with our cats. Shop the best pairs of Paige jeans on sale at Nordstrom below.

Paige Cindy High Waist Destroyed Hem Straight Leg Jeans 

paige city jeans
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Shop now: $164 (Originally $219); nordstrom.com

Paige Verdugo Crop Skinny Jeans 

verdugo crop jeans
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Shop now: $119 (Originally $199); nordstrom.com

Paige Transcend Nordstrom Exclusive High Waist Ankle Jeans 

transcend hoxton high waist ankle skinny jeans
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Shop now: $57 (Originally $189); nordstrom.com

Paige Verdugo Ripped Raw Hem Skinny Jeans

ripped raw jeans
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Shop now: $110 (Originally $229); nordstrom.com

Paige Hoxton Crop Skinny Jeans 

paige crop jeans
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Shop now: $63 (Originally $209); nordstrom.com

Paige White Skyline Crop Raw Hem Skinny Jeans 


cropped jeans
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Shop now: $113 (Originally $189); nordstrom.com

Paige Drawstring Waist Pants

drawstring waist pants
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Shop now: $127 (Originally $209); nordstrom.com

Paige Sabine Wide Leg Jeans 

sabine wide leg pants
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Shop now: $161 (Originally $269); nordstrom.com