We've learned a trick or two simply by looking back at some of the star's best outfits.

Jennifer Aniston Style
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Jennifer Aniston is one those stars who rarely misses the mark when it comes to fashion. Her leggy, red carpet dresses consistently turn heads, her jeans and T-shirts always seem casual-cool, and her go-to wedges have sent us on our own personal shopping sprees. In short, Jennifer Aniston's style can't be beat, and even the looks she wore in the '90s serve as modern-day outfit inspiration (just ask Selena Gomez).

Part of this is because when Aniston likes something, she really likes it will and wear it on repeat, sometimes even for decades. Looking back at the star's best fashion moments, we've realized that she sticks to the same styling hacks and tricks, thus teaching us 14 invaluable fashion lessons we'll be following from now on.

Invest in a Pair of Wedges

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While some people love white sneakers or sexy stilettos, Aniston's go-to shoe is a pair of wedges. She's been rocking this style for years, breaking them out for both casual outings and red carpet appearances, and convincing us that these babies pair well with everything.

Go Beyond Your Trusty Denim

Jennifer Aniston Style - Olive Pants - Embed
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Jeans are cool and all, but according to Aniston's outfits, olive green pants and even olive green jackets are worthy competitors. They're still neutral and versatile, and look great with all the basics in our closet, but at the same time, they add a slight pop of color.

Leather Isn't Just For Jackets

Jennifer Aniston Style - Leather - Embed
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Many of us have motorcycle somethings tucked away in our closet, but the actress is a fan of leather dresses and pants, too. (A little ode to her onscreen love, Ross Gellar, perhaps?) She even wore a longer, duster-style jacket back in the '90s, making quite The Matrix-y statement.

Hats Will Give Any Outfit a Boost

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Perhaps she's hoping to avoid the sun. Maybe she's shielding herself from prying paparazzi. Or maybe Aniston just knows a wide-brim hat or a fedora can give casual outfits a little extra oomph. She frequently gives her look a laid-back, boho vibe with this type of addition, and over the years, has developed quite the hat collection.

Scarves Work For Every Season

Jennifer Aniston Style - Scarves - Embed
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While a scarf is no doubt a practical accessory for winter, a lighter version can make summer outfits more interesting. The actress is known for pulling this styling trick since her Friends days.

Find Your Signature Fit

Jennifer Aniston Style - BF Jeans - Embed
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Sure, Aniston loves a boot-cut, but she also has a ton of baggier pants in rotation. When she opts to wear boyfriend jeans, she keeps her outfits simple and slim-fitting on top, playing with proportions. Plus, as the pictures show, she cuffs the bottoms and lets her ankles peek out — a classic, elongating trick.

Stock Up on White Tees

Jennifer Aniston Style - Tees - Embed
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It's hard to think of an outfit that won't work with a white tee. This staple looks great with denim, skirts, sweats, and suits. Plus, we'll never forget when Selena Gomez followed Aniston's lead and layered one under her jumpsuit.

When in Doubt, Grab a Button-Up

Jennifer Aniston Style - Button Downs - Embed
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Of course, when a T-shirt seems too casual for what you've got going on, a button-up can easily take its place. The Murder Mystery star has worn her fair share on the red carpet, and occasionally goes for all-black look, which is always super sleek.

A Structured Blazer Is Extremely Versatile

Jennifer Aniston Style - Blazers - Embed
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Every so often, we face the same dilemma: what kind of jacket to wear when denim doesn't work, leather seems too casual, and the weather's too warm for something furry. The answer is a blazer, one of Aniston's favorites. She's used this pick to make simple pairings seem more polished, and has even worn it over fancy dresses.

String Bikinis Are the Ultimate Vacation Staple

Jennifer Aniston Style - Bikini - Embed
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As far as swimwear is concerned, Aniston is a string bikini gal. More specifically, she tends to rock pink string bikinis, something that truly never goes out of style (and is always very sexy, in our opinion).

A Black Crossbody Bag Makes a Great Everyday Option

Jennifer Aniston Style - Crossbody - Embed
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The bag style worth splurging on? Aniston's answer is likely a a black crossbody. Not only does the color mean you can reach for it any day of the week, it's easy and hands-free for ladies who are always on the run. Take another tip from the star and go with a safe, medium size so you can fit more stuff.

Pendant Necklaces Make Any Outfit More Interesting

Jennifer Aniston Style - Pendants - Embed
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It's pretty much guaranteed that if you find a the perfect pendant necklace, you'll start pairing it with all your outfits, from the office-appropriate ones to your throw-on-and-go looks. Aniston's a prime example of this.

Aviator Sunglasses Are Timeless

Jennifer Aniston Style - Aviators - Embed
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Despite the different trends that are out there — tiny sunglasses, cat-eyes, etc. — aviators continue to remain Aniston's favorite. They're universally flattering, never go out of style, and give off badass vibes. You really can't go wrong.

Long Black Dresses Work For Any Fancy Occasion

Jennifer Aniston Style - Long Black Dresses - Embed
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For those who have a ton of weddings and formal events in their calendar, do as Aniston does and make sure you have a long, black dress handy. This no-fail option has helped her rule the red carpet for years, and, for us normal folks, it can always be worn again.