Someone call Brad Pitt.

By Tara Gonzalez
Updated Jan 24, 2020 @ 5:30 pm
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Credit: Backgrid

It’s cuffing season and Jennifer Aniston appears to know this because there are two kinds of outfits you wear during cuffing season and she has worn both. First, there’s the revenge look, like her wedding-white John Galliano for Dior silk slip dress that she wore while getting her wrist grabbed by Brad Pitt, an event that some are calling the SAG awards. Second, there’s the quintessential cozy cuffing attire, the kind you’d wear with your partner while staying in to watch Netflix or while trying to convince someone they should stay in with you and watch Netflix. Aniston wore that outfit, an oversized-collar turtleneck sweater allegedly by Rejina Pyo, just days before her reunion with Pitt.

Now, of course thinking that Aniston even knows what cuffing season is, and has been dressing for the occasion, is absolutely projecting, but isn’t that what the whole internet is doing right now? Sure, Pitt and Aniston looked happy for each other at the SAG awards. And yeah, okay, Pitt did grab her wrist as she walked by him, and not only did she stop but she stared right into his deep, blue eyes with her deep, blue eyes. And, fine, we’ll admit, we’re all more than jaded from pretty much everything that’s happened in the past couple decades and just want to pretend it’s the early 2000s again when everything was beautiful and nothing hurt (okay, except for when The Simple Life was cancelled).

So when we see Aniston in an incredible cashmere sweater, we’d like to imagine Pitt saw it too and his whole entire life flashed before his eyes. He realized he messed up (a huge understatement) and imagines how nice it would be to snuggle up with Aniston on the couch, in her designer sweater, before realizing he’s all alone. The vision itself is enough to make us want to buy our own cozy oversized cashmere sweater. Not just to make our exes regret everything, but to also look cute and cozy in general.

While we’d also like to feel as rich as Jennifer Aniston too, most of us aren’t and can’t afford a $735 sweater. Thankfully, the style has been a favorite amongst celebrities — Jennifer Lawrence wore an equally luxurious sweater recently — and more affordable brands have started to design similar options that cost under $100. If anything, the sweater is perfect to wear while sitting on your couch for the rest of award season, eagerly anticipating Aniston and Pitt’s next encounter. And who knows? Maybe it’ll be in her cuffing season sweater.

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