January: Get Fit, Healthy and Organized

Jessica Alba
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January: Get Fit, Healthy and Organized

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Form a Habit

Jennifer Garner

"It takes 21 days to form a habit," says Jennifer Garner's trainer Valerie Waters. "The first three weeks of a new routine may seem more difficult, but once you have the process down, it becomes much easier." Create a workout plan (days and times) and stick to it. "By the fourth week, it won't be a question of whether you can or can't, it just becomes something you do," says Waters.

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Make Easy Changes

Jessica Biel

By tweaking your workout and eating routines, you can reach your goals more quickly, says Jessica Biel's trainer, Jason Walsh. "Lifting, along with short intense bouts of cardio will give you faster results than running or lifting alone," says Walsh. "And by eating smaller portions five to six times a day and trading simple sugars for complex carbs that are high in fiber, you'll double your results."

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Take Organizing Step-By-Step

Carmen Electra
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You may be gung-ho about getting your life organized right now, but start with a plan. "Think in terms of baby steps," says organizer Lisa Adams, who has worked with Carmen Electra. "Start with one room at a time and even within a room, organize one section at a time." You'll accomplish much more in this manageable way than piling it on all at once.

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Snack Smartly

Angelina Jolie

Nutritionist Jackie Keller, who has created meal plans for Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Uma Thurman, says to plan ahead with snack packs. She combines salt-free roasted soy nuts with dried edamame, cranberries and dark-chocolate chips for an easy, high-protein trail mix. Also, when seratonin levels dip at 4 P.M., don't grab chocolate; have a small baked potato instead, which can be made in your office microwave in just a few minutes.

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Measure Your Progress

Mandy Moore
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Photos and measurements can do wonders! "Put on a bathing suit and have a friend take a photo at the beginning of each month so you can actually see your progress," says fitness and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden, whose clients have included Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera and Lauren Graham. And remember, the photos are for your eyes only, so don't be intimidated-be motivated!

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Know Your Goals

Hilary Swank
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"Writing goals down and also why you set them, as well as having specific time frames for achieving them is the first step in keeping your resolutions," says nutritionist Oz Garcia, who has worked with Hilary Swank. Achieve your goals by "having a set plan and guidelines" for accomplishing them.

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Make Realistic Goals

Drew Barrymore
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Don't go extreme when creating a resolution, whether it's regarding organizing, diet, or exercise. "Saying 'I am never eating bread again' is ridiculous," says nutritionist Keri Glassman, who counts Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez as fans of her KeriBars. "It's better to say 'I am going to eat bread in portion control and make it whole wheat.'" If you can accomplish your goals, you're more apt to continue working on them.

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Be Prepared

Janet Jackson
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Like the Boy Scout's motto, "Preparation is key to success," says David Allen, nutritionist to Janet Jackson. "Preparing meals ahead of time and making small snacks such as crunchy celery with a touch of lemon, a handful of almonds, strawberries, or air-popped popcorn will keep you from reaching to that bag of chips or cookies."

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Make Organizing Fun

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Lisa Adams, who has helped Jewel get organized, says to get yourself in a new mindset when it comes to getting your life in order. "Tell yourself that you are exercising and burning calories and get some fun music on," says Adams.

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Try New Activities

Jessica Alba
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Ban boredom from your workout routine. "Do an activity you like to do," says Jessica Alba's trainer Ramona Braganza. "If you like to dance, buy dance classes; and continue to try new activities with the changing seasons." Get outside and try a new sport or check out a different class at the gym once a month.

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