She said don’t sleep on this.

By Laura Reilly
Sep 17, 2020 @ 3:11 pm
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If you snooze you lose, or sometimes you just have to wait for a restock at Nordstrom. Under-the-radar brand Isa Boulder recently made literal the sage advice “don’t sleep on this” by proving its clothing line was so in-demand, it could sell out completely in the time it took the designer to take a nap.

In an Instagram post on the brand’s page, a carousel of a knit green bra ended with a screenshot of a ‘Sold Out’ notice on a Nordstrom product page. The caption read “Woke up from a lazy sunday nap to find out these were already live & sold out 🥺♥️ You guys are the best 😩”

While this sell-out must have surely marked some kind of record, the level of demand is understandable. Popular among editors, influencers, and Instagram people in the know, Isa Boulder made its mark over the summer with its refreshingly original draped swimwear. The brand’s fall collection is equally titillating: Neat open knits with cheeky reveals are a signature.

The bra that you likely slept on is, unfortunately, still sold-out, but a handful of Isa Boulder essentials are in stock. A couple of sweaters and a similarly styled bodysuit make for memorable everyday additions to your fall wardrobe, and one positively red carpet-ready gown is unequivocally collectors piece-worthy.

Isa Boulder is moments away from being discovered by celebrities, currently showing all the hallmarks of a brand poised to blow up. Its influencer fan club with a combined following in the millions have a track record of wearing brands just before they go viral. Insiders already made this brand sell out from Nordstrom before it was big, so we can only imagine the demand when Isa Boulder becomes a household name.

Shop the last remaining Isa Boulder pieces at Nordstrom before those, too, disappear while you sleep.

Isa Boulder Funnel Neck Mesh Sweater


Shop now: $335;

Isa Boulder Bra Detail Mesh Sweater


Shop now: $410;

Isa Boulder Mesh Knit Bodysuit


Shop now: $430;

Isa Boulder Ruched Silk Georgette Gown


Shop now: $985;