By Andrea Cheng
Updated Sep 06, 2016 @ 6:45 pm
Iris Apfel Socks Lead
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Nothing is slowing Iris Apfel down. Not only did the style icon celebrate her 95th birthday just last week with a new capsule collection done in collaboration with I.N.C. International Concepts, but she has another surprise design venture up her gorgeous arm party-loaded sleeve—a partnership with, wait for it, Swedish brand Happy Socks.

Yes, socks! It's not the sexiest article of clothing, but it's definitely one of the essentials, even though it's almost always dismissed in the grand scheme of "fashion." Hopefully, with this collection, that will change. "These socks shouldn't be overlooked, but I don't like telling people how to think or what to wear," she tells us. "I hope they naturally like the designs, even gentlemen."

The Iris Apfel x Happy Socks collection comprises six sock designs for women, five for men, and three menswear briefs (yes, Iris went there). They're all brimming with Apfel-approved "funky chic" prints, with every intention to bring joy and "endless chuckles" to its wearer. Some boast quilt-like mash-ups of florals and stripes, others cuddly bunny and bird motifs.

"The design process was a collaborative effort, but these were my creative ideas—I took things that I love like animals and patterns that I surround myself from items at home to clothes I own, and made them into socks, happy socks," she says. "People call me a Rare Bird of Fashion, and you can do so much with birds within design, so the bird print is nice and I particularly love the little plump sheep because they’re so cuddly."

And the best part—her Happy Socks collection is available today. Scroll through for a first look at her stunning campaign images (shot by photographer Bill Gentle in her Palm Beach home), below, and then head on over to for the goods.

Iris Apfel Socks 1
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Iris Apfel Socks 3
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Iris Apfel Socks 4
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Iris Apfel Socks 5
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