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Credit: mensweardog/Instagram

If you have yet to follow Internet-sensation Bodhi, aka Menswear dog, you need to stop reading right now and follow him immediately. You won't regret it.

Boasting over 300K followers, Bodhi has reached full-on model fame status on Instagram. He's adorable, yes, but he doesn't earn his 'likes' simply from his boyish charm—this Shiba Inu is arguably the most stylish dog in the world.

Bodhi has worn all of the high-fashion menswear brands, from classic Gucci suits to casual Ovadia & Sons satin bombers. He's been in major magazines like GQ, Nylon, Time, and Esquire and even came out with his own book, The New Classics ($8; amazon.com). Pretty much the only thing he has that differs from other male influencers like Adam Gallagher and Johannes Huebl is four legs and a tail.

While it may seem difficult to stage a photo shoot with a dog, Bodhi's signature chill pose has him showing off clothes better than some runway models. And he doesn't stop at jackets and shirts—he'll rock accessories like scarves, hats, and sunglasses when he sees fit.

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Bodhi is definitely giving the male models of the world a major run for their money. We sat down to chat with the hunk to get all the deets.

Hi Bodhi! We’re so excited to chat with you. What’s your story? How did you find your humans?

"Excited to chat with you too! I was discovered by my human when I was three months old. I cast her a smile and she was hooked, so we've been inseparable since. I started modeling when I turned 3, I had gotten over my awkward teenage phase and garnered enough confidence to really stretch my modeling chops. My dog mom/manager is a photographer, so I stepped in to be her muse."

You have more Instagram followers than most B-list celebrities. How did your raise to fame all begin?

"Haha, you make me bashful! One lazy Saturday, we were playing dress-up indoors to pass the time and I felt particularly handsome so I threw them a bone and started to strike a few poses. My humans were always into fashion and design so they were delighted when I pulled off an #ootd with grace and pizzazz. They created a Tumblr page and posted my first ever model headshots and they got featured on GQ the next day, then Time magazine the week after, and so on."

You absolutely live up to your title as the most stylish dog in the world. What are your favorite clothing brands or designers to wear?

"So much love and admiration for anything Haider Ackermann does. I loved the Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane era. Gucci has been unreal lately. Some more favorites: Todd Snyder, Schott, Levi's, Thom Browne, among many more."

You ALWAYS look so dapper. What would you choose to wear to impress on a first date?

"I tend to customize my outfit based on who I'm seeing. If she's an uptown girl, I'd keep it classic, a tad casual but still interesting with a pair of dark jeans, crisp white shirt, leather strap watch coordinated with a leather belt, well-fitted tweed blazer, no tie and a pair of snazzy double monk strap shoes. For a downtown girl, white crew neck top, black jeans, a fresh pair of white sneaks and a suede bomber. Boom—right swipe IRL."

Do you get your fashion inspiration from any male celebrities?

"I've always been amazed at how well Ryan Gosling pulls off essentially anything he wears. I also admire the classic men of style like Steve McQueen, James Dean, and so on."

Spring is just around the corner. What is your favorite accessory to sport for spring?

"A solid pair of Persol sunglasses from the 649 series are perfect to usher in spring and they wear well into summer and fall."

Fame must come at a price. What do you like to do for fun?

"Two years ago, I'd tell you that my favorite thing is to strut around SoHo but recently, I've really enjoyed going to unwind at a cabin upstate, running around in the woods and smelling the air. Life is short, gotta appreciate the idle moments."

Okay, now for a toughie. Favorite outfit you’ve EVER worn?

"The New Yorker in me makes me a bit partial to this one: it's also featured in my book, Menswear Dog Presents the New Classics. It's a classic, timeless refined fall look."