How Do InStyle Editors Survive Fashion Week? See Their Must-Haves

Topshop boots
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New York Fashion Week has officially commenced! So, what's it really like in the lives of InStyle editors during the week? Their schedules are jam-packed, with shows on the hour every hour. And with shows scattered quite literally all over the city, there's a great deal of running around, loading up on caffeine and mingling with industry insiders. We asked them—from the fashion director to the fashion assistant—to reveal their most prized items that help keep them going from morning to dusk. Click through to see their must-haves, from travel-size lint rollers to coffee customer-loyalty cards.

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Dana Avidan-Cohn, Senior Market Editor

Rebecca Minkoff case
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"This really cute Rebecca Minkoff iPad Mini case has built-in card holders, so it doubles as a wallet!"

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Cindy Weber Cleary, Fashion Director

Phonesuit iPhone charger
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"My husband ordered this (Phonesuit iPhone charger) for me because I was always freaking out that my phone was going to be dead and I couldn't communicate. He ordered it for me. If both the charger and the phone are charged, you won't run out of battery."

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Melissa Rubini, Style Director

Chanel heels
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"I absolutely love these Chanels heels-they're a new interpretation of the first Chanel shoes. It is high heel, it is sexy, it is modern, there's a touch of fashion to it. I walked with them throughout the Couture shows and they're the most comfortable heels around."

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EJ Briones, Fashion Assistant

Scotch Brite lint roller
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"The Scotch Brite mini lint roller is easy to carry in your bag. I wear a lot of black and black carries a lot of lint. This an easy way to stay fresh."

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Leah Karp, Accessories Director

Oliver Peoples sunglasses and Clinique lip gloss
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"I always wear this style of sunglasses and always from Oliver Peoples. It's my favorite brand and it's my favorite shape I like the enamel-it gives it a little pop of color. The Clinique in Black Honey lip gloss is such a throwback to my first gloss as a kid. It really is that perfect color that looks good on anyone. In a pinch, you can put a little on your finger and dab it on your cheek as a little blush too. I have this in every bag I own-I always carry it."

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Wendy Wallace, Market Director

Sue London flats
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"I would die without these Sue London flats. We're always running around in heels and at the end of the day, all you want to do is take them off. At that point, I can and flip on the flats. I got them before the Europe trip the first time and they saved my life."

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Angelique Serrano, Beauty Director

Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids and YSL lipstick
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"I tend to be on my feet for at least 15 hours, and I still have to keep my shoes looking cute, hence the Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids ($5;, and if they happen to peek out, like around my heel, it still looks cute. The Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in Le Fuchsia ($34; is my version of red. I feel like if I put that on, I'm completely dressed up. It dresses up my outfit, it dresses up my face. It's bright but not jarring. I think that's my third tube."

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Elyse Maloni, Accessories Assistant

Coffee cards
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"I started collecting last season because I needed a lot of caffeine to help me get through the day. And when you're in different parts of town, it helps to be a loyal customer because you're in and out-they recognize you, they know your order. I have 5 or 6 now, plus a Starbucks gold card. I have a serious addiction."

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Sheryl George, Associate Beauty Editor

Lancome Curler and Eyeko mascara
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"Even when you're super tired the Lancome curler will make you look really awake-fake restfulness. The Eyeko mascara literally makes my eyelashes hit my browbone, it's awesome. Both of those are good at pretending I'm super alert and awake when I might be super tired."

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Thomas Waller, Accessories Editor

Epokhe sunglasses
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"Going to shows and events make up long days, so these Epokhe sunglasses hide my tired eyes and are perfect for the endless people-watching!"

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Rebecca Carhart, Styling Assistant

Topshop boots
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"I think these Topshop boots ($300; are really cool. The hardware gives it a bit of an edge but they're flat, so they're still really comfortable to walk around in and run to all the shows."

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