Chanel's Latest Short Film Hits You Right in the Existential Feels

Photo: Courtesy Chanel

It's a known fact: Gabrielle Chanel lived an extraordinary life (I mean, the woman founded the iconic House of Chanel, for one and jump-started a fashion renaissance, another). But here's something you may not know: Gabrielle Chanel was a woman of wise teachings, and Inside Chanel is preserving her history through a series of short films. For their latest installment, it is her eagerness to live in the present that is revered. But let's get real: it's all very unexpectedly deep. Like hit-you-in-the-gut deep.

The film, aptly named The Time of Chanel, shows vivid visuals of city structures, planetary shapes, and stunning Chanel watch faces while a voice delivers in an almost computerized manner philosophical musings like, "It is not time itself that matters, but what you do with it." SOS. Was not ready for this. Does not compute. Was expecting non-introspective sartorial imagery (but leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to challenge fashion norms).

You should really see it for yourself, though. Watch the short film below and catch more Inside Chanel short films at

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