Plus, they tell us about the time they applied to work H&M.
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Indya Moore
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It’s near-impossible to talk about Indya Moore without mentioning their spectacular style. Not only does the Pose star inspire us to shop after showing off outfits on Instagram, they’ve also been known to use fashion as a conversation-starter. Most recently, Moore stepped out wearing long drop earrings with photos of trans women that paid tribute to those who were murdered in the United States this year alone.

During New York Fashion Week, the non-binary actor made an appearance at H&M to celebrate its sleek (and nearly sold-out) 2019 Studio Collection. “I love H&M's clothes,” Moore told InStyle at the party as models, influencers, and editors sipped cocktails and explored multiple stories and rooms within a West Village townhouse. “They're really amazing, and it's size-inclusive. I think that's incredible. I'm really grateful that fashion is moving in that direction and making clothes for everybody.”

Of course, we couldn't let Moore, who wore an olive green satin shirt ($119, to the event, walk away without asking a few more questions. Ahead, they tell us about the time H&M rejected them for a job, the piece they can’t stop buying, and the item that, according to them, sums up New York style.

Do you shop at H&M a lot?

I shopped at H&M when I was younger, and even now, I'm still an H&M fanatic. I tried to get a job at H&M. I guess that wasn't fab enough — they did not hire me. I was like, "Y'all let me sell your fab-ass clothes, please!" My resume wasn't popping like it is now.

Is there an interview question that you used to struggle with?

“Tell me about yourself.” Because I never knew what they wanted to know. So, that question always brought me great anxiety, because, for me, I believed that question ultimately led to a decision of whether or not I was good enough. So, the tell me about yourself question, and "why do you want to work here," too. I was like, “I love your clothes, girl! I'm just a child from the Bronx and I'm in foster care and I'm looking for a job. Hire me. Help me get on my feet.”

Indya Moore
Credit: Joe Schildhorn /

Since you're from New York, is there a piece that you think sums up New York style?

I think these over-the-knee boots ($149; scream New York. I just cannot see anyone walking around in LA with these. And I feel like New York gives off very dark, vintage, earth tone vibes. And I give off those vibes.

Do you wear a lot of earth tones?

I'm an earth-tone queen, for sure. And I also feel like it's New York. It could be New York influence, or maybe I'm influencing New York.

Has your style evolved over the past few years?

I'm trying to move into brighter colors, because I'm always wearing these autumnal, moody clothes. I used to wear a lot of black. I used to be very emo, goth, skater kid before transitioning into more of an earthy vibe. But I'm very fixed in the things that I wear now.

Indya Moore
Credit: Joe Schildhorn /

What is a fashion item you can't stop buying over and over again?

Flowy dresses. I just keep buying more and more. And nipple covers — I just see a nipple cover and buy it. I don't go shopping very often, but when I do, it's usually for flowy dresses. I like flowy dresses, they make me feel free, and they're so comfy. I feel like I'm rolling around in grass when I wear flowy dresses. I know that's weird, but those are my feelings and feelings are weird sometimes.