7 Shoes That Never Go Out of Style

Here's what to keep in your closet and wear with all your outfits.

shoes that don't go out of style

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While micro trends may tempt us into buying the newest "it" shoe, chances are you'll never regret investing in a classic pair of footwear. There are at least seven different picks you can keep in your closet and break out season after season, especially since certain shoes never go out of style and are also extremely versatile.

While you might feel like dropping a decent amount of money on something made of quality materials, some of our favorite sneakers — like Vans and Converse — and boots ring in under $100. In other words, it's less about which brand you wear and more about the timeless shoe style itself.

So, what are the shoes worth keeping in your collection? We're rounding up our forever go-tos, ahead.

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White Sneakers

shoes that don't go out of style - white sneakers

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Whether you're wearing a pair of leggings, baggy jeans, or even a breezy dress, nothing makes an outfit feel casual yet cool like a crisp white pair of sneakers. There are certain styles that have remained in rotation for years, such as classic Converse kicks, slip-on Vans, and Nike Air Force 1s, all of which fall under $150.

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Pointed-Toe Pumps

shoes that don't go out of style - pumps

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Every so often, heels receive a mini update — the toe becomes more rounded, it's all about the platform, etc. Keeping up with it all can feel confusing, but you'll never go wrong with a timeless pointed-toe pump. Not only does this design work to elongate the leg, it continues to pop up on the red carpet as a celebrity favorite.

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shoes that don't go out of style - loafers

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Preppy fashion may be reinvented with brand-new names (schoolcore, plazacore, etc.), but no matter what you call it, loafers continue to be part of the mix. This shoe style is also a great alternative to heels or sneakers when it comes to office or business attire, and comes across as sleek as well as stylish.

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Heeled Sandals

shoes that don't go out of style - heeled sandals

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If you're not into classic pumps or think they look too clunky with your outfit, swap 'em out for two-strap sandals. Since so much of the foot is exposed with this simple shoe, it will help to elongate the leg rather than cut you off or be distracting. Invest in a neutral or metallic pair that will work with just about any color in your closet and can be worn year-round.

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Combat Boots

shoes that don't go out of style - combat boots

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There's a reason Dr. Martens have consistently been a fashion staple; black combat boots will instantly add oomph to the rest of your look. They're casual enough to pair with those everyday jeans, yet will also toughen up a frilly dress if that's the vibe you're going for.

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Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-Knee Boots

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Sure, knee-high boots have risen in popularity (again), but over-the-knee styles aren't going anywhere. They're just too convenient when it comes to winter fashion, since that longer length provides extra warmth and coverage on super cold days — especially if you're wearing a skirt or dress.

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Strappy Sandals

Strappy Sandals

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Not everyone is a fan of casual flip-flops and slides, so that leaves strappy sandals to take the spot as summer's top shoe. More minimalistic designs will read as nearly invisible, while something with multiple crisscross details can spice up a basic shorts and tank top combo.

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