How to Wear Spring Trends at Work

dressing for work tips: spring 2013 trends at the office
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How to Wear Spring Trends at Work

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How To Wear Spring 2013 Trends at Work

How To Wear Spring 2013 Trends at Work
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We all want to look fashionable 24 hours a day, but adding a dose of style between 9 and 5 can be a challenge. Try our work-appropriate tips to incorporate spring's trends into your office looks (without getting a call from HR.)

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A Pattern Sheath

Work outfit ideas and tips: a patterned sheath
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The Look:

In the office or not, a well-fitting sheath is a wardrobe essential.
The Key: Two elements make this outfit double flattering: Vertical print panels give a slimming effect, while a wide belt gives an hourglass effect.

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Modern Suiting and a Graphic Tee

Work outfit ideas and tips: a modern suit and graphic tee
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The Look:

A jacket and blazer never looked so...chic.
The Key: A cropped trouser cut and emblazoned T-shirt give the traditional suit a whole new spin.

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Mixed Prints

Work outfit ideas and tips: mixed prints
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The Look:

Print-on-print can work from 9 to 5 if it's in a more conservative silhouette.
The Key: Go for an outfit that's busy in pattern but not in color. A uniform white or neutral background grounds multiple prints and gives them a cohesiveness.

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A Midiskirt

Work outfit ideas and tips: midi skirt
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The Look: A full skirt goes pro with the right pairings.
The Key: The mid-calf length is ideal for more conservative settings; add a slim blouse or blazer to balance out the volume down below.

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Layered Neutrals

Spring 2013 Trends at Work

The Look:

A family of neutral knits is an excellent alternative to a traditional suit.
The Key: Play with varying lengths, but cinch those drapey fabrics with a belt!

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Black and White

Spring 2013 Trends at Work
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The Look:

Tried-and-true monochromatic always works, but a little detail offers a twist on the classic.
The Key: Add something: a brooch, a statement necklace, an accent detail on the shirt, to elevate the classic pairing.

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White on White

Work dressing tips: ideas for spring 2013 fashion trends in the office

The Look:

Head-to-toe white works for the beach and the office when armed with the right fit.
The Key: Keep the pieces polished, tailored, and crisp (anything too flowing will take on a Hamptons aesthetic), and either tuck or belt to keep fabric in line.

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Spring 2013 Trends at Work
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The Look:

If there was ever a trend that worked for office, this flattering cut is it.
The Key: Look for a more subtle cut (anything too dramatic might be too fashion-forward for day), and add a slim skirt for a boardroom-ready pairing.

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dressing for work tips: spring 2013 trends at the office
Charlie Luciano/

The Look:

The edgy material can make an appearance on the office floor when paired with the right pieces.
The Key: The clean lines of a bright button-down add just the right amount of polish to a full or pencil skirt.

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