Who says cleaning during quarantine can't be fun?

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Mar 24, 2020 @ 5:45 pm
Credit: Daniel G Castrillon

We never thought we'd say this, but there's only so much TV a person can watch. Now that we're well into our COVID-19 self-quarantine, we're searching for other ways to amuse ourselves, including going through our closets and organizing our clothes (which, for many, can be a days-long project).

There's definitely a plus-side to cleaning without any true deadline. Aside from being able to take your time, you can actually try on items you forgot you had and experiment with new ways to wear them. Take a random neck scarf, for instance. There are a handful of ways you can use this accessory to spice up your look — even you plan on sticking with sweats for the foreseeable future.

Ahead, we've compiled five different ways to wear a scarf (or a bandana, or a random piece of material you'll make into a scarf due to boredom). Much like adding jewelry to your stay-at-home outfit, you just might find that this little extra will help boost to your mood. Then, once the world returns to normal, you'll have plenty of ideas tucked away in your back pocket.

1. Tie It Around Your Ponytail

Credit: Daniel G Castrillon

Or even a messy bun. Using a scarf as a hair accessory is very '60s, and an easy way to give a plain outfit a more playful vibe.

2. Wrap It Around Your Wrist

Credit: Daniel G Castrillon

If your jewelry collection is lacking bracelets, or you're not feeling the ones you own, try a scarf instead. It's the same idea but slightly unexpected, and once quarantine is over, it will pair well with your go-to T-shirt and jeans combo.

3. Knot It on the Side of Your Neck

Credit: Daniel G Castrillon

While knotting your scarf in front may feel a little flight attendant, pulling it to one side will instantly turn it fresh, modern, and elegant. This styling choice will really pop against a solid-colored shirt or sweater, and if you're looking to make even more of a statement, we suggest adding a pair of drop earrings.

4. Wear It As a Headband

Credit: Daniel G Castrillon

The ultimate warm-weather look. Not only will this trick help you stay cool and keep hair out of your face, it will turn your bathing suit into a full outfit. Plus, if you own a pair of flares or some tie-dye, this is the perfect '70s-inspired addition.

5. Turn It Into a Kerchief

Credit: Daniel G Castrillon

The throwback kerchief trend has definitely returned, and while we've already seen street style stars hop onboard, now is the perfect time to give it a test run from the comfort of your own home. Try it on with a puff-sleeved dress or a striped shirt and a pair of khakis. In the mood for something fancy? Match it to your coat, Queen Elizabeth style.

Photographs by Daniel G Castrillon, assisted by Leo Valderama. Hair by Jacob Geraghty for Utopia NYC. Makeup by Fredy Anaya for Utopia NYC. Nails by Lisa Matsumura, assisted by Mina Ueda.