How Does Your Garden Hang? The Newest Home Trend We're Dying To Try

How Does Your Garden Hang?
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Just like the fashion world, gardening is getting innovative and, well, quite fashion-forward. And just like your closet, why not give your greenery and outdoor space a new-season upgrade? We're calling it the latest wave in haute horticulture: Taking plants off the ground and displaying them like living paintings. It's time to think vertical and create a gorgeous outdoor expanse of green, or punctuate an indoor space with ceramic pots that pop. Bonus: You don't need a large backyard to make these work; these ideas were made for small spaces. These four fresh takes on the trend will help you fully dig the concept.

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Idea 1: Cultivate Natural Artwork

How Does Your Garden Hang?
Dyad Photography

Vertical Succulent Garden DIY Panels, Flora Grubb, $79 each;

You don't have to be a master gardener like San Francisco's Flora Grubb to make your own living tapestry. Just use one of her 20-inch DIY panels. Grubb, who is influenced paintings, the night sky, and coral reefs, fills her panels with succulents, the plants that "work best by far" when hanging upright.

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Idea 2: Pack a tall shelf with leafy greens

How Does Your Garden Hang?
Dyad Photography

Vertical Garden (19y″ × 5y″ × 59″), Williams-Sonoma, $400;

Bring the farmers market into your kitchen! Load up this smart shelf unit with an array of herbs, like basil, mint, and thyme, so that fresh flavors are always within arm's reach. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the shelf (which anchors to the wall) features a drainage system that distributes moisture to each of its 40 planting cells. Simply pour water into the opening on top.

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Idea 3: Dangle petite pots

How Does Your Garden Hang?
Dyad Photography

8″ Aerium Egg Planters, Sprout Home, $28 each;

For quick hits of green, let long tendrils tumble from these 3y-inch-wide ceramic pots threaded with heavy-duty wire suspended from a wall hook or the ceiling. (These pots don't have drainage holes, so place a layer of pebbles on the bottom before adding soil.)

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Idea 4: Color-block with bold planters

How Does Your Garden Hang?
Dyad Photography

10″ Wall Bricks, Chive, $30 each;

Choose just one of these sleek ceramic rectangles to grace a wall, or make a bigger statement with vibrant multiples. (Because these containers also lack drainage, succulents will fare best, or use the pebble trick from Idea 3.)

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