You'll be able to shop their picks straight from Instagram.

The H&M League
Credit: Arielle Charnas/Courtesy H&M

Every so often, our favorite bloggers will share a photo of the most stunning outfit, only to reveal that — surprise! — they actually bought it at the affordable, fast-fashion store H&M. That's why the retailer's latest move makes so much sense to us: It's now partnering with influencers in a more official capacity, forming a little something called "The H&M League."

In short, that means that this group of ambassadors — including Arielle Charnas and Brittany Xavier — will be sharing even more content showing off their H&M style, and we'll likely be able to shop their picks straight from Instagram (a win for us all). They'll also be involved with special events and telling followers about exclusives, early access, and more of the brand's story. The program will officially kick off during festival season in Palm Springs, California and last throughout the year.

In total, 22 well-known faces are involved, who are said to represent a variety of backgrounds, personalities, and styles (for instance, some of them really love lingerie, while others are known for their parenting content and will likely share kids' clothes). The main goal of this new initiative? According to a press release, H&M is hoping to "offer aspirational content to all H&M fashion lovers no matter where they are, who they are, or what their style is."