A History of the Denim Skirt: See Its Evolution Through the Years

Denim Skirts
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Denim Skirt in 1975
Denver Post/Getty Images

The denim skirt was introduced in the 1970s as a way to recycle denim jeans. Here, two women modeled front-snap, patchwork midi skirts made from scraps of old pairs.

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Denim Skirt in 1984
PYMCA/UIG via Getty Images

This oh-so-'80s street style photo (that hair!) showcased the denim skirt with a shorter hem and extra details like pockets and double buttons in front.

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Pamela Anderson, 1996

Denim Skirt in 1996

The Baywatch babe posed in a light wash denim miniskirt paired with a crop top, another popular style of the '90s.

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Tori Spelling, 2000

Denim Skirt 2000

From her tube top to her choker, this photo of the Beverly Hills, 90210 star is a major fashion throwback. Her denim skirt is especially notable for featuring then-popular jewel bedazzled detailing.

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Julia Stiles, 2001

Denim skirt 2001

The actress attended the Teen Choice Awards in a hip-hugging denim skirt adorned with a thick white belt. She finished the look with an off-the-shoulder blue top and pointed pumps.

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Kelly Rowland, 2001

Denim Skirt 2001

The denim pencil skirt got the distressed treatment in this style worn by Rowland for a studio portrait during her Destiny's Child days.

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Gwyneth Paltrow, 2002

Denim Skirt 2002

Leave it to the actress and style icon to make the denim skirt look classier than ever. Her simple styling with a white basic top and neutral knee-high boots made this outfit one that would earn high marks today.

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Christina Aguilera, 2002

Denim Skirt 2002

Within the same year, young stars started favoring variations of the micro miniskirt. Aguilera made headlines in this revealing number worn at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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Nicole Richie, 2003

Denim Skirt 2003

Low-rise reigned supreme and Richie counted herself among its fans. She rocked a frayed denim mini with its belt loops cut off, Ugg boots and a long sleeve shirt.

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Blu Cantrell, 2003

Denim Skirt 2003

Backstage at a Calvin Klein runway show, the singer of the early 2000s chart-topper "Hit 'Em Up Style" wore a patchwork denim skirt with knee-high white boots, a sleeveless turtleneck, and go-go hat.

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Eva Longoria, 2004

Denim Skirt 2004
Getty Images North America

The Desperate Housewives actress stepped out in a pleated denim miniskirt with strappy sandals, a white tube top and pink jacket.

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Kristin Cavallari, 2005

Denim Skirt 2005

The reality star went casual in furry moccasin boots, a suede bag, brown tank top and denim mini skirt with a dirt washed finish favored back then.

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Cameron Diaz, 2007

denim skirt 2007
Getty Images North America

For a hosting gig at MTV's TRL, Cameron Diaz donned a trendy denim overall mini, white tee, and gold peep toe pumps.

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Olivia Palermo, 2012

denim skirt 2012

Denim skirts fell under the radar for several years. Before you'd see them everywhere again, fashion darling Olivia Palermo gave them her seal of approval, wearing hers with a white open knit sweater and patterned pumps.

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Poppy Delevingne, 2012

Denim Skirt 2012

The model attended Chanel's Haute Couture show in Paris in a pencil skirt. Her white button down and metallic sandals made the look extremely polished—a far cry from the distressed denim skirts of yore.

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Gigi Hadid, 2013

Denim Skirt 2013
Getty Images North America

The denim skirt continued its rise to popularity when model-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid wore a denim mini in an A-line shape unlike its low-rise predecessors.

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Kylie Jenner, 2015

Denim skirt 2015
GC Images

The oft-photographed member of the Kardashian clan put denim pencil skirts back in the spotlight. She styed hers with black booties and a tied up chambray shirt.

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Kiernan Shipka, 2015

Denim Skirt 2015
Getty Images North America

On the red carpet, this Mad Men actress wore a button up denim mini skirt. This particular style is now trending thanks to the '70s resurgence in recent runway collections.

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Lily Donaldson, 2015

Denim skirt 2015
GC Images

The denim skirt is officially the wardrobe staple du jour. Case in point: model Lily Donaldson spotted during Paris Fashion Week wearing one with a black trench, grey tee, black booties and feathered bag.

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