Or that bag.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Nov 13, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
Hilary Duff Kids Choice Awards 2003
Credit: KMazur/WireImage

Please listen when we warn you — some '00s trends do not need to be resurfaced. We'd very much like it if bubble skirts stayed in that decade, along with those random, mid-section belts (T-shirts do not need a belt!). We, of course, have our reasons for keeping these styles buried (we've already worn and regretted them once), and, judging from Hilary Duff's reaction to one of her throwback outfits, she completely understands where we're coming from.

VIDEO: Hilary Duff Just Brought Back Her Lizzie McGuire Blonde Hair

Coming across an Instagram photo of herself and her Lizzie McGuire costars at the 2003 Kids Choice Awards, Duff appeared to be shocked by what she wore. "Wow," she commented on the post, which was then captured by @commentsbycelebs. "This was an outfit choice. My god."

A choice indeed. For the event, Duff wore a multi-colored, crocheted floral top with a multi-colored tiered skirt, which also appeared to be made of tiny pieces of fabric, all sewn together. She then accessorized with a matching beaded bracelet-and-necklace set — a very 2003 move.

What wasn't included in the pic that Duff commented on, however, were the most confusing parts of this outfit. On the red carpet, the actress could be seen wearing heeled sneaker-like boots anda mismatched floral bag as well. Plus, the best part? We have no doubt that our younger selves would have envied the whole thing.

Hilary Duff Kids Choice Awards 2003
Credit: KMazur/WireImage

We'd definitely proceed with caution when bringing back some of these items, but, we do approve of Duff re-wearing a few of her old Lizzie McGuire looks for that upcoming Disney+ reboot. Just a suggestion!