By Alexis Bennett
Updated Sep 14, 2018 @ 9:00 am
Credit: Zach Hilty/

If you're already missing your summer travels, don't worry. We've got the perfect excuse for you to pack your bags and take another trip. This fall, Hermès is going on tour. The Hermès Carré Club kicked off on September 13 in New York City at 459 West 14th Street. And through September 16, NYC attendees will get to experience art demonstrations, indulge in cafe gatherings, and enjoy curator visits in celebration of those iconic Hermès scarves.

Hermès will bring the pop-up shop to life with six different stations. The first: Carré Click and Check (that's where members will check in and sit for a portrait). Then there's the Carré Café where you can grab something to eat and enjoy cabaret-esque entertainment and music. Want to get in on the singing, too? Head to the Carrés-Ok, a small studio for karaoke. Over at the Carré Studio attendees get to enjoy live art sessions — like a sketch from Cyrille Diatkine or find out all about Alice Shirley's creative process. Take a step back in time at Carré Stories, a retro phone booth where you can listen to secrets, messages, and anecdotes. And the highlight of the event: The Hermès Carré Club. That's where you'll find the limited-edition scarves.

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If you're on the west coat (or have just been waiting for a good reason to take another jaunt to sunny Los Angeles), you can check out the Hermès Carré Club in L.A. during November. The brand's also traveling up north to Toronto this month and going overseas to Singapore in October.