TBH, I'd love to raid their closets.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Feb 03, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
Credit: ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

Every time I watch an episode of The Golden Girls — which, I admit, is pretty often — I end up getting distracted by all the outfits. Sophia’s sweet, detailed cardigans! Dorothy’s matching sets! Rose’s ability to pull off any color combination! Blanche’s love of sparkly accessories! It’s all stuff I personally want to own (or essentially already have in my closet) and yet, for whatever reason, the costumes haven't gotten the credit they deserve.

I would argue that these four ladies are just as well-dressed as the characters from Sex and the City or Gossip GirlAnd, considering the amount of times they've inspired my fashion choices post-binge, I'd go as far as saying they're the best-dressed characters in TV history.

Whether you agree with me or not, their outfits are worth revisiting, especially now that a handful of old school trends have come back in style. You might just find yourself in a situation similar to mine, feeling inspired to dress like a Golden Girl in 2020.

First of All, Check Out the Cardigans

Credit: ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

Long before Katie Holmes became the Cardigan Queen, Rose Nylund (AKA Betty White's character) wowed viewers with this printed choice, which was styled with a vibrant yellow dress.

And How They Layered Their Looks

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Loose, sometimes robe-like blazers were a key component to many of the outfits in this series. They were usually in the same color family as the dress or top worn underneath, and would end up being a key piece in an otherwise simple ensemble.

These Ladies Loved Eye-Catching Details

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Prime examples: ruffles, bow-ties, and peplum tops, all which were are pictured in this group promo photo.

Rose Is the Ultimate 2020 Fashion Icon

Credit: ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

If this printed blue maxi dress popped up on Shopbop, Net-A-Porter, or even Zara, I wouldn't blink an eye — I'd just add to cart. I might even pair it with the similar oversized studs and beige sandals, just like Rose.

Incorporating Color Was Important

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There's nothing wrong with all-black everything, but on this show, nearly every outfit was bold and bright. The Golden Girls embraced nearly every color in the rainbow and didn't shy away from color blocking — a fashion trick that is still popular to this day.

Sparkle Was a Welcome Addition

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While some might see a sequined coordinating set and embellished earrings as "too much," Blanche Devereaux was the type to pile on all the sparkle. Her outfits have inspired me to be fearless when it comes to getting dressed and to dare to make a statement. If I like it, I wear it. It's as simple as that!

Plus, the Bags Cannot Be Forgotten

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Most episodes of The Golden Girls took place at their home, but every so often, these women went out-out — and took their enviable bags with them. In this photo, I can't stop focusing on Sophia's wicker purse on the floor, which features a beaded handle. Please, can someone remake this ahead of summer?

A Style Lesson or Two Could Be Learned from a Single Episode

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I might have never thought to wear a structured button-down underneath a cowl neck top, or tried to stick with one color scheme when styling my cardigan with a plaid shirt. But, thanks to Dorothy and Sophia, my eyes have been opened to endless possibilities.

Each Woman Had a Signature Style

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Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia always wore impressive outfits, but were they surprising? No. Each woman had a very specific aesthetic and stayed true to it throughout the seven seasons. For instance, Dorothy seemed to like structure and enjoyed a good turtleneck, while Rose was drawn to sweet and feminine styles.

Honestly, Many of the Outfits Held Up Rather Well

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It's not just the fact that throwback trends keep resurfacing. These women were into wardrobe staples, meaning their button-up dresses, chain link purses, sweaters, trousers, and wrap dresses are timeless, and wouldn't look out of place in today's world. All the more reason to invest in classic, quality pieces — and also go vintage shopping, ASAP.