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Ask yourself this question:

If you had to choose one designer to wear for the rest of your life—you couldn’t wear any clothes by any other designer—but you didn’t have to pay for anything, what designer would it be?

For me, the answer is The Row. There are enough essentials (black blazer, leggings, crisp collared shirts) to be able to have an everyday wardrobe and enough fancy pieces for more formal occasions. The accessories game is no joke, either. From sunglasses to sneakers, and of course, most notably, handbags. So while it may not be a brand that season after season comes out with shocking new trends or crazy, wild patterns, it’s a brand you can trust to make a perfectly tailored product that will last a lifetime.

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Credit: Jackson Lee / SplashNews.com

Gigi Hadid, it seems, agrees with moi. She’s been spotted wearing the same bag by The Row multiple tidesmes; specifically The Row Double Circle Small Velvet bag, which is the cutest version of a ladylike bag we’ve ever seen, which was originally produced for the brand’s Fall 2017 collection in leather. But after its popularity rose (Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and Dakota Johnson have also been spotted wearing the lil thing), The Row’s designers expanded the range to include silk and velvet (the chicest of them all).

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Credit: SplashNews.com

Being as cool as Gigi will cost you a pretty penny, but the bag? It’ll last you a lifetime.