The Unexpected Accessory Gigi Hadid Is Bringing Back

Your grandma would approve.

Gigi Hadid Sunglasses Chain

Gigi Hadid has convinced us to test out a variety of trends simply by stepping outside and walking around. She helped pioneer chunky dad sneakers, showed us the right way to do double denim, and proved bright pink outfits can still look completely elevated. And now, much in the way she embraced tiny sunglasses, the top model is going hard on another eyewear look: sunglass chains aka eyewear retainers. Sure, it's a throwback, and definitely something our grandmothers would approve of, but somehow Gigi's take seems fresh and cool.

Perhaps it's the fact that Gigi's go-to option is a string of pearls, which has the same effect as a necklace, adding something extra to more casual outfits. Or maybe it's that she doesn't pair this chain with just any old look — sometimes, she'll layer it with other accessories, making us believe that, in this case, more is more. She once even wore the chain with a structured, business-y blazer, making the addition feel fancy, rather than kitschy.

No matter how it's styled, Gigi's chain is cute and practical — it's a great way to keep her Gigi Hadid x Vogue Eyewear safe and secure, and minimize the risk of her glasses getting scratched. We can't wait to try this look ourselves (gah, she's influenced our shopping list again!) especially during the summer months.

Gigi Hadid Sunglasses Chain
PapCulture / BACKGRID

Gigi's pearl sunglass chain is a great way to make casual outfits more interesting.

Gigi Hadid Sunglasses Chain
Getty Images

The unexpected accessory also goes well with businesswear.

Gigi Hadid Sunglasses Chain
TheStewartofNY/Getty Images

Gigi's trick: layer your sunglass chain with a bunch of similar-style necklaces for a standout look.

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