Brown paper bag, but make it fashion.

By Jayla Andrulonis
Jan 15, 2020 @ 3:30 pm
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For most people, myself included, the memory of high-school style elicits a particular breed of cringey nostalgia. One filled with over-tweezed eyebrows and the purchase of bedazzled Ed Hardy shirts as a side effect of watching too much Jersey Shore. It also reminds me of packing my lunch each day and, of course, how crucial a role the type of bag you carried your food to school in played in our (misguided) style hierarchy. When I was decidedly ~too cool~ to continue to pack my trusty floral Vera Bradley sidekick, I reverted back to carrying brown paper bags instead. It was all very DIY and also extremely environmentally unconscious in retrospect.

So when the news of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's reunion broke earlier this week with photo receipts of their coordinating outfits, I couldn’t help but zero in on the bag she was carrying. At first glance, it looks like a rolled-up paper bag, but upon closer inspection you’ll notice it’s none other than this season’s Alexander Wang Satin Lunch-Bag Clutch in a shimmery, golden-brown shade, because of course it is. 

As if Gigi hadn’t already made a solid case for the luxe revival of the brown paper bag, something else happened. In what could be considered the ultimate NYC cool-girl cosign, Jennifer Lawrence continued her reign of very good outfits yesterday when she stepped out wearing a white wrap coat, black wide-leg trousers, her go-to The Row flats, and THE SAME PURSE. 

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You see, I have this thing for unique-shaped purses (plus, I’m a sucker for nostalgia) and this latest celeb pick checks all the boxes. Designed with an eye-catching satin finish, stamped logo, and a foldover top, the celeb-approved clutch upgrades the classic cafeteria staple to all the luxury you’d expect, but maintains the borderline kitschy vibe with its shape. 

If the paper-bag-as-purse trend is speaking to you like it is me, you’ll be pleased to know Gigi and Jennifer’s Alexander Wang style is available in four colorways, all of which you can shop now. Keep scrolling to check out similar takes on the lunch-bag designer purse below, all of which can most definitely fit at least a sandwich in them.

Alexander Wang Satin Lunch-Bag Clutch in Golden Brown 


Shop now: $377; 

Alexander Wang Satin Lunch-Bag Clutch in Black


Shop now: $295; 

Alexander Wang Satin Lunch-Bag Clutch in Green


Shop now: $295; 

Alexander Wang Satin Lunch-Bag Clutch in Hot Pink


Shop now: $310;

Simon Miller Lunchbag 20


Shop now: $156 (Originally $390); 

Simon Miller Lunchbag Clutch 


Shop now: $445 (Originally $635);

Marie Turnor Picnic Clutch 


Shop now: $248;