We knew these outfits looked familiar!

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Jun 25, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
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Gigi and Bella Hadid are often considered today's style icons, but is it possible their outfits have been inspired by two other famous sisters? We're talking about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — specifically their pre-designer, '90s and '00s outfits, which seem a bit similar to the stuff the top models have been wearing.

Those who grew up watching the Olsens on TV or were fans of their You're Invited videos will likely know what we're talking about. These two wore the items we wished we had in our closet, and one look at Gigi and Bella's ensembles brings back memories. Take Gigi's backwards cap, for instance. Does that not remind you of all the times Mary-Kate and Ashley wore their hats like that, too? Bella's tiny sunglasses and colorful sets are also familiar, and both sisters (or their stylist, Mimi Cuttrell) may have felt inspired by the twins's denim staples.

Whether this has been intentional or not (and, we're leaning toward not), we're pretty thankful these looks are resurfacing. Plus, the Hadids aren't the only ones who are stealing the Olsens's old outfit ideas: Mary-Kate may have started this summer's leopard skirt trend way back in 2000.

When Gigi Stepped Out in a Backwards Cap

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Wearing your hat like this in the '90s was a sure sign you were cool (at least according to TV), and Gigi opted to bring this trend back during Men's Fashion Week in Paris.

When We Recognized This Pretty Pink Look

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Gigi's shiny pink jumpsuit is eerily similar to a pajamas set Ashley Olsen wore for Two of a Kind.

When Bella Suited Up

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First of all, yes — Mary-Kate and Ashley wore suits as pre-teens (and it was too cute). Years later, Bella seemed to bring back this look with her all-brown outfit. She even wore a similar hairstyle!

When a Checkered Shirt Made an Appearance

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We're getting Western vibes from both of these photos, and Gigi's hoops replace those statement-making hair ties.

When Tiny Black Sunglasses Were Too Cool

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Years before Bella became the queen of mini shades, the Olsen twins wore similar styles.

When Gigi Went With Double Denim

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The model loves her jeans (she even had a denim-themed birthday party), but this particular pairing gave us How the West Was Fun flashbacks.

When We Realized This Red Dress Came in Adult Size

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Um, it has the same top detail and everything!

When Bella Wore an Orange Set

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Not only did she step out wearing the same bright color head-to-toe, the model's look was also styled with black shoes and tiny sunglasses.

When a Blazer Paired Perfectly With Jeans

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We knew this was a timeless combo, but it turns out it's ageless, too!

When a Tracksuit Was Comfy-Cute

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And, note to self: black and red always look great together.