Gideon Adlon Talks Italian Street Style, Vintage Shopping, and Starring in The Craft Remake

The actress chatted with InStyle ahead of the Salvatore Ferragamo show.

Gideon Adlon Talks Italian Street Style, Vintage Shopping, and Starring in The Craft Remake
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Gideon Adlon seems really happy to be visiting Milan, Italy. Speaking to InStyle over the phone ahead of Salvatore Ferragamo’s Spring 2020 show, the actress reveals how enamored she is with the city.

“There are these buildings with little patches of ivy, and it looks like something out of a storybook,” she says, before gasping at a colorful duck she’s just spotted (similar to the Central Park one, she notes). Soon, however, it's back to business, and Adlon is talking about her pre-show fitting. “It's incredible," she admits, describing the black Ferragamo jumpsuit chosen for the front row, and bodycon dress that was picked for dinner. "The fact that I get to travel, and to go to Ferragamo headquarters, and meet with the stylists. I felt like a little queen trying on all those clothes.”

This, of course, is a perk that comes with Adlon's day job. Her acting career is on the rise; she’s had roles in the movie Blockers and Netflix’s The Society and soon will be starring in a remake of The Craft. While Ferragamo is admittedly her first-ever fashion show, we have a feeling it's far from her last.

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Ahead, get to know a little more about this style star, including her everyday fashion aesthetic and a few details from behind the scenes of The Craft.

What’s your style like on a normal day?

I love mixing old with new. Like what I'm wearing right now — a little black chiffon dress with a slit from Reformation with cute sandals that I had made in Capri a few years ago, which are so comfy. Then, an oversize, vintage corduroy jacket from the ‘70s and a tiny vintage bag from the ‘60s. I love mixing. That's how my closet's kind of accumulated over time [because] I collect vintage. I even have a little business I'm starting up, Gideon Adlon Vintage. That's the name for now.

Do you have any tips for vintage shopping?

You have to be prepared to make it a day. I used to be like, "Okay, I want all of this." And I wouldn't really look at the pieces. Nowadays, I go to a vintage store and I'll spend, like, two hours there carefully going through every rack because you have to look at the details. With vintage — the bags, the shoes, the way a pocket hangs in a coat — it's all so meticulous.

Are you the type of person who cares about trends?

I actually really love European street style. Every time I come to Europe, I'm like, "Oh, I want to dress like that." They can make street style so elegant. Especially in Italy, from what I've seen. Street style here is so beautiful.

I might not follow a trend fully, but I definitely pick and choose what I like and embed it into my style. Recently, I've been wanting to have a specific style, because I love seeing people that adhere to a certain aesthetic. I don't have that. I'm boho one day and then something else another day. It’s not one just thing that makes me happy, you know?

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How does being in Italy inspire your style?

I'm here with my best friend Leona, and literally almost every single person we've seen walk past us, we're like, "Take a picture, we want that outfit!" Like, "Where did you get that blouse?" We're sneaking photos of people and then we're going to send it to our other friend and ask him where all the pieces are from. We're definitely inspired. Every time I travel, I want to go home and take everything out of my closet and start over again. Then I get home and I try to do it and I get too lazy.

Since you’re starring in a few witch movies, including The Craft remake, do you have a favorite witchy trend that you are into?

I consider myself a being of magic and witchery. I think that all women are witches and being a witch is not a bad thing. I like black, flowy things. I just bought a pair of royal blue, velvet, knee-high, lace-up boots in London. They’re not pointy, but they're really cute. That's such a weird thing — witchy trends. Because witches don't dress like witches, you know? Any old Joe Schmoe could be walking down the street and they could be a witch in a T-shirt and jeans. You don't know!

Does fashion, both on-screen and off, influence your mood at all?

In day-to-day life, I feel like if I'm not into my outfit, it makes me feel like shit. Same thing with my hair not looking the way I want it to. For The Craft, I had a meeting with a really, really sweet wardrobe head and she basically was like, “I want you to feel good, and this is your character, so what do you think?” It’s nice when wardrobe wants to collaborate with you, because it's not often that people think, "Oh maybe a young actor is also a seasoned actor as well. Maybe they're particular about what they want their wardrobe to be like because they're the ones that have to become this person." It makes me feel like who I need to become. In The Society I just wear pregnancy clothes, so yeah, it helps.

Gideon Adlon in The Society

Can you share anything about season two of The Society?

No. I think it's going to be really fun. I guess just prepare for more drama and more heartbreak. I'm pretty sure that's what The Society gives — drama, and heartbreak, and happiness all together. We'll give you the package deal in season two. To be completely honest, I don't even know what's going to happen. They haven't told us anything, but even if they did, I wouldn't tell you.

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