Ganni Just Dropped an Exclusive Summer Capsule Collection

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Long weekend season may still be a few weeks away, but long weekend shopping season (i.e. that brief window between the first spring deliveries and Memorial Day you have to stock up sundresses and bikinis) is in full swing. Your first stop?

Ganni's website. Today cult Danish label debuts a capsule collection of summer vacation staples laced with its signature Scandinavian-cool sensibility. And while the line is exclusively available on the company's website, you don't need to stress over exorbitant international shipping fees: as of last week, the brand is now offering regular shipping options to United States.

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Tank top, $125, Shorts, $125; Tote bag, $115;

Sounds like the perfect excuse to go ham on the leopard print selection to us.

Keep scrolling for a sneak peek of more styles and then click on over to for the full selection.

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Bikini (bottom not pictured), $145;

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Blouse, $190; Shorts, $125;

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Swimsuit, $160;

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Wrap dress, $225;

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Dress, $315;

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