These Are the Most Comfortable Plus-Size Underwear I Own, and You Can Get Four Pairs for Less Than $13

The Most Comfortable Plus-Size Underwear I Own Is $3 a Pair

They’re big, they’re soft, and you need them.
By Amanda Richards
Apr 01, 2021 @ 7:00 am
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Long ago, in a wardrobe galaxy far, far away, I used to have and wear a tremendous amount of plus-size lingerie. And while I still believe that wearing sexy, skimpy, incredibly revealing swaths of lace held together by strings is an absolute power move for plus-size people (many of whom have spent entire lifetimes being told they aren't allowed to feel sexy in their skin), I also believe in the power of lazy pragmatism and comfort above all things.

If you, too, are plus-size and contain these multitudes, allow me to introduce you to the most glorious antithesis of all that lace finery: gigantic microfiber underwear. My personal absolute favorites are Fruit of the Loom's Fit For Me Microfiber Slip Shorts, which are (no exaggeration) the most comfortable underwear I own by a long shot.

Fit For Me by Fruit of the Loom slip short
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Shop now: $13;

You won't find these dangling delicately on a hanger at an expensive boutique: They come in a four-pack, are available at Walmart (and ship for free if you sign up for a Walmart+ membership), cover what feels like approximately 70 percent of your torso and your upper thighs, and cost less than $13. They're practical, sturdy underwear for practical, sturdy humans, and I cannot sing their praises enough.

Beyond the impossibly soft and lightweight fabric, coverage, and lack of panty lines, there's the matter of sizing. The Fit For Me Microfiber Slip Shorts are available in sizes 9 to 13: Size 9 corresponds to a 14-16, size 10 corresponds to 18-20, size 11 corresponds to 22-24, size 12 corresponds to 26-28, and size 13 corresponds to size 30-32. As any plus-size shopper knows, having this big of a range of sizes to choose from is pretty rare — even retailers like Lane Bryant have limited selection in larger sizes, and at a much higher price point.

And let's circle back to that price point, shall we? As someone who has admittedly spent a healthy portion of her paychecks on lingerie, four pairs of absurdly comfortable gigantic underwear for under $13 doesn't just feel like the deal I want; it feels like the deal I deserve. And if you sign up for a free 15-day trial of Walmart+, you can have them at your door and — on your body — in no time.