9 Friends Halloween Costumes That Will Cost You $0 to Make

You likely have this stuff sitting in your closet.

Chandler, Rachel, and Ross from Friends outside in sweats with autumn leaves strewn on the ground
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Despite the fact that Friends went off the air in 2004, the sitcom still manages to be as popular as ever. It can be rewatched on repeat, serves as an endless source of fashion inspiration (we're looking at you, Courteney Cox), and is the maker of lifelong friendships (all the girls still hang out). So why not pay tribute in the best way possible? We're, of course, talking about recreating some of the best on-screen outfits for Halloween, all for the affordable price of $0.

Think about it: the '90s are totally back in terms of trends, so it wouldn't be that hard to peruse your own closet and pull together something that Monica, Phoebe, or Rachel would approve of. In fact, a lot of their looks consisted of wardrobe staples such as skirts, button-downs, and jeans, and we definitely wouldn't mind putting on Rachel's sweatpants-and-T-shirt combination, above, for a cute yet cozy night out.

Ahead, we've compiled a few more fun and easy ideas to spark some inspiration. While they'd work for a Halloween costume, you can also wear them tomorrow without anyone batting an eye — the choice is up to you.

Monica Geller

Friends' Joey alongside Monica who is wearing a beige, short-sleeved sweater and floral skirt
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In the early days, Monica wore some pretty preppy combinations, and this beige, short-sleeved sweater and floral skirt was one of them. Just don't forget to slip on a pair of tights and accessorize with a large statement watch.

Friends' Monica wearing jeans, black boots, and a gray cardigan alongside Rachel in their apartment
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If you're in need of something last-minute, Monica was also a big fan of jeans. Break out that cardigan, a black tee, and some black boots, and you're pretty much done.

Friends' Monica wearing a plaid shirt and jeans in the doctor's office
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While you might have to explain who, exactly, you're dressed as, this un-tucked plaid shirt and jeans pairing is a very Monica-like look, not to mention a quick one to copy. It's the perfect choice if you're part of a full Friends group.

Phoebe Buffay

Friends' Phoebe wearing a loose-fitting boho ensemble
NBC/Getty Images

Phoebe fans know that this character loves a loose-fitting boho ensemble. One idea is to style a printed, short-sleeved button-down over a maxi skirt. You can also grab a guitar for the full effect.

Friends' Phoebe wearing a floral maxi-skirt with an oversized sweater, scrunchie, and beaded necklace
NBC/Getty Images

Another option is to reach for a floral maxi-skirt instead of a solid, then pair it with an oversized sweater, scrunchie, and beaded necklace.

Friends' Phoebe wearing a maxi-dress with a white turtleneck underneath and pendant necklaces
NBC/Getty Images

Of course, you don't have to wear a maxi skirt to channel Phoebe — you can also wear a maxi-dress! Layer a white turtleneck underneath, pile on those pendant necklaces, and you're good to go.

Rachel Green

Friends' Rachel working as a waitress in the cafe with Chandler, Joey, and Monica hanging out
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The only thing you'll truly need for Rachel's waitressing outfit is an apron. The rest can consist of a dark mini skirt and a tank top (you can even layer two to make a "vest").

Friends' Rachel wearing a white graphic tee, white sneakers, plaid pants, and a sweater around her waist
NBC/Getty Images

If you already own a pair of plaid pants, this costume will be super easy to pull together. Simply style it with a white graphic tee and white sneakers, then finish things off by tying a sweater around your waist.

Friends' Rachel wearing a tank dress and flip-flops with her hair pulled back in a claw clip
NBC/Getty Images

Perhaps the easiest Friends costume of them all, this one consists of a tank dress and flip-flops — and that's it. Pulling your hair back into a clip may also provide a clue about who you're supposed to be.

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