I Tried the Onesie Worn by Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, and I Can't Take It Off

From going to bed to going out, I wear this jumpsuit everywhere.

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Free People Onesie
Photo: Free People

It feels like comfy clothes are all I write about these days because, frankly, they're all I care about. Whether I'm going dancing with friends or out on a date, there's almost always a way to style sweatpants, leggings, and hoodies for any occasion. Recently, I embarked on a new challenge: incorporating a onesie into my clothing rotation. In my few weeks of owning this childish garment, it's quickly become my favorite thing ever — and I think you need one, too. "But how do I, a grown ass adult, rock a onesie?" you might ask. Well, for starters, celebs like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have already pioneered the way with the Free People Just Because Onesie.

Although I was only recently gifted this stretchy jumpsuit, Taylor was seen proudly wearing hers back in 2020 in her Miss Americana documentary (go to 00:38 in the trailer if you don't believe me). Continuing the trend, Selena Gomez was seen wearing hers on Instagram Live around the same time.

Free People Onesie
Free People

Shop now: $118; freepeople.com

Made completely from ultra-soft cotton, this onesie features pockets and a (dare I say sexy?) deep V-neck. Although it's loose and airy in the torso and legs like a sweat set, this jumpsuit tapers in at the wrists, ankles, and very slightly at the waist. Selena and Taylor got theirs in a dusty pink color, though I chose black, which I find easier to pair with shoes, jackets, and bralettes (not to mention, it's much more practical when it comes to hiding stains).

I started on level one with my new onesie, wearing it around my apartment for virtual work and Euphoria binging. While the material is super soft and cozy, it never feels too heavy or hot, and I even wore it to bed a few times. Next, I moved to wearing it out on my weekend bagel run. Paired with the right chunky sneakers, puffy coat, and beanie, I felt like the coolest girl in line for an egg and cheese. I spent the rest of the day doing errands at peak comfort, waiting for someone to approach me and ask, "OMG isn't that the onesie Taylor Swift wore in the second saddest part of the Miss Americana documentary?" No such luck, but it may happen someday.

Finally, in my most daring fashion journey yet, I wore the onesie out. Not just "out" to a low key dinner but to a full night of dancing from bar to bar with friends. I dressed up my now favorite jumpsuit with black heeled boots and a fun, lacy bralette that peeked out over the edge of the V-neck. The first half of the evening was perfect; spicy margs and zero cares about tight jeans. I even had strangers coming up to give me compliments on my fit. While dancing proved a little more difficult with all the excess fabric, nothing felt better than being able to go home and jump directly into bed.

So, can you wear a onesie as a grownup? Yes. Even in public? Why not? Right Now? Absolutely. Head over to freepeople.com to score the garment I would wear all day everyday if I could.

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