Happy, Floppy Hats Are Taking Over This Summer

This playful accessory instantly makes every outfit better.

Floppy Hats Summer Fashion Trends
Photo: Georgie Hunter/Getty Images

Whenever I hear the word "hat," I automatically think of cold weather. It's something you grab before you head out the door, along with your scarf and gloves, or maybe it's a felt beret you decide to style with your sweater. But hats — especially those with a wide brim — are indeed a summer staple. And for 2020, the trend seems to be the bigger and floppier the better.

To be honest, it's hard to think of a summer outfit that wouldn't be made better with the help of this accessory. Throwing on a simple gingham romper? A straw hat will make it even cuter and retro. Is that breezy sundress looking a little...meh? Add a floppy floral option as your statement piece. Even at the beach or pool, big hats are considered a must-have. On top of turning bathing suits into a full look, they'll also shield you from the sun. It's a win-win.

There's also that small fact that, to me, oversized hats are just fun. They're whimsical and can be kind of silly in the best way, adding an element of joy to whatever you've got on.

Check out some fun hat outfits, ahead, then shop similar pieces to add to your own wardrobe.

Try a Large Beige Option

This is the ultimate summer style. A large straw hat will pair well with a variety of outfits thanks to its neutral color.

Shop similar: Freya The Magnolia Hat ($230; shopbop.com)

Break Out the Summer Florals

Dare yourself to get playful and try a hat with a tie. Clearly, this detail is not just for babies, and will ensure this accessory stays put.

Shop similar: Faithfull the Brand Floral-Print Cotton-Corduroy Sunhat ($89; net-a-porter.com)

Say Yes to Polka-Dots

Remember, this print mixes well with others, so style with your plaid and daisy-embellished pieces.

Shop similar: ASOS Design Fisherman Hat in Polka-Dot ($23; asos.com)

Go With Something Bold

Summer is the perfect season to wear bright colors, such as greens and pinks. This option definitely gives off carefree vacation vibes.

Shop similar: San Diego Hat Company UBX2535 Ultrabraid XL Brim Sun Hat ($34; zappos.com)

Don't Forget About Animal Prints

Leopard and zebra print hats are trending, and it's something you can wear well into the fall.

Shop similar: Ganni Cotton Poplin Bucket Hat ($85; needsupply.com)

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